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Sexual satisfaction is not only a cause of pleasure but it also a source of great contribution to the overall health. However dissatisfaction in this activity can be a cause of frustration which for a longer time will result in several other problems. This activity is necessary for the liberation of hormones that gives happiness and pleasure and if it occurs in improper way will be a reason for anxiety and stress. It is however important for both males and females to discuss these problems with best sexologist in Gurgaon for perfect assistance.

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There are certain sexual disorders that can prove to be really harmful for the overall health of a person. However it sounds a bit weird that satisfaction in sex is the primary requirement to attain complete happiness. There are several advantages that are associated with it –

  • Boosting immunity level –

Studies showed that people who are experiencing a better sexual life are less prone to infections and have a higher health standard and better defense power.

  • Reducing blood pressure –

This recreational activity is really helpful in minimizing the blood pressure. As it augments the health standards of the individuals, this eventually results in counteraction for several other diseases.

  • Controlling stress levels –

Sexual intercourse helps in the production of hormones that makes a person happy which is best to reduce the stress levels.

  • Healthy sleep –

As individuals feel relaxed and satisfied after this, it provides a sound sleep.

  • Cough & Cold Protection –

This is also a great way to protect your body from cough, cold and other forms of allergies.

These disorders results either from psychological factors or physical factors. Sexual problems that generally occurs in male and female are –

Male Problems –

  • Low libido – In simple words it is loss of desire to have an intercourse with the partner. Hormonal imbalance is the key reason behind this problem.
  • Premature ejaculation – In this problem even a small touch or stimulation results in semen discharge. This usually occurs in males who have weak nerves.
  • Erectile dysfunction – This is commonly known as impotence. The reproductive organ is not able to get erected which results in problem.

Female Problems –

  • Painful intercourse – This problem is due to certain causes such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, presence of scar tissues etc.
  • Lack of orgasms – This is the result of certain medical problems, insufficient stimulation or past sexual trauma etc.
  • Reserved sexual desire – It’s all about lack of interest. Stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, chemotherapy, fatigue, depression are all factors those results in decreased desires.

If you feel that these factors are affecting your personal life and relationship; than best sexologist in Gurgaon can offer you with the best cures for your problems.

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