Best Sexologist in Patna – Know Everything about Sexual Disorders

Sexual health is an important part of every man’s life. It does not depend on age or civil status. Good health always contributes in building couple’s strong foundation and also contributes to the quality of life. With the changes in lifestyle, sexual problems are becoming very common in males. As these dysfunctions affect the quality of life and can be the first symptom of another physical or psychological problem, it should be timely treated by sexologist in Patna. But before going to take treatment it is better to know everything related to sexual activity.

Best sexologist in Patna

  • Physiology of sexual function – Sexual activity comprises of coordination between various body systems. Hormones and neurological pathways should be in sync for having a sexual desire. Coordination between nerves, muscles, blood vessels is extremely important to have an adequate erection. When sexual dysfunction is present a sexologist evaluates all the possible problems that can be a cause behind these disorders.
  • Diagnosis of sexual dysfunctions in males – Evaluations starts with a detailed medical, psychological and sexual history. Sometimes the patient’s partner also contributes in this evaluation and could provide useful information. Some question might seem to be intimate, but it is required to have an effective treatment. A complete physical examination is also done which includes assessing the pulses in legs, and a thorough examination of the external genitalia. 
  • Treatments available – The treatment plan depends on the precise cause of the sexual dysfunction. If the cause is psychological than psychologist provides the best treatment. Often in this condition therapies are highly beneficial in getting the desired results. Another way is to treat the condition with the help of medications. Sometimes these medications can have side effects also. Next option is to undergo hormonal replacement. Sexologist suggests the best treatment to the patient on the basis of their diagnosis. Sexologist in Patna provides best help in increasing your sexual performance and you will surely enjoy a better life and relationship after the treatment.

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