Penis Enlargement Treatment in Delhi


Most women would like a person with a bigger penis because they’re considered being a lot of satisfying and stimulating in bed. They might quietly like somebody with an even bigger penis due to this reason. Clearly, if you’re a person with little penis you’re questioning what the simplest way to increase penis size. What’s a lot of embarrassing – is to strip naked in front of a lady if you have a small penis.

Micropenisfeatures a normal anatomical configuration, however is considerably smaller than the typical adult penis size (about 3 inches flaccid and 5 inches erect).

Problems related to micropenis

  • Having a micro-penis will cause many issues, including problem urinating and having sexual issues.
  • Fertility can even be affected. Some individuals with micropenis have a low sperm count which ends up in infertility or reduced fertility.
  • The condition can even have a significant impact psychologically. Several men with the condition have terribly low self-esteem and a few even suffer from depression.


  • Micropenis is caused by the male baby’s penis failing to elongate once the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • The reason behind this is often thought to be a hormonal downside. Specifically, it’s thought to ensue to insufficient levels of testosterone, a male sexual hormone.
  • Micropenis is also caused by environmental chemicals like pesticides.
  • An abnormal neural structure or pituitary function that ends up in hypogonadotropic incompetence is additionally cause microphallus.
  • Primary testicular disorder that ends up in hypergonadotropic incompetence.
  • Partial androgenic hormone insensitiveness syndrome
  • Genetic syndromes

Treatment of micropenis

Micropenis may be treated with hormone therapy that is additionally referred to as testosterone replacement. This could regrowth a penis length normal size.

Micro-penis can even be treated with surgery referred to as reconstructive surgery.

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