Sexologist in Jammu Provides Useful Tips for Sexually Frustrated Couples

Many couples do not feel excited about sexual activities. This might be due to several physical and psychological reasons. It can be problem with a single partner or sometimes both partners suffer from this problem. Many of such cases respond well to lifestyle changes, medications or surgeries. Sexologist in Jammu thus suggests various tips to the people so that they can enjoy a healthier life and a healthy relationship as well. These tips are really helpful to have a spark that keeps your relationship alive.

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  • Communication is a key – The most important tool to enjoy a healthy relationship is to have a strong communication with your partner. Talk openly about your desires and fears. If your partner is facing some difficulty, carefully listen to it and remain supportive. Don’t be afraid of asking any help, talk with each other and with your doctor to work through the issues.
  • Try to relax – Anxiety is one of the biggest factors that lead to several disorders. Forget about all your worries when you are with your partner. Deep breathing exercise will be useful to keep you relaxed.
  • Rediscover you partner – Try to relive the best time with your partner. Think about older days and enjoy your time together. Go and spend beautiful time with your life partner to get a better tuning that will help in reducing the sexual problems.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits – Certain lifestyle habits are responsible to worsen the condition. Try to quit the habits like smoking, drinking, heavy usage of drugs etc.
  • Exercise regularly and lose weight – Obesity is a contributing factor for sexual problem in males and females. Losing your excess weight and doing regular exercise is the best option to have a healthy sex life.
  • Don’t give up – If you are not able to satisfy your partner don’t give up. There are several treatments available now so that you can get complete freedom from sexual problems.

Sexologist in Jammu suggest his patients to adjust sexual expectations and adopt healthy habits so that they can find creative ways to satisfy their partners.

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