Sexologist in Meerut Provides Effective Treatment for Sexual Anorexia

Good sexual health is the need of every individual. This is the necessity to maintain a healthy relationship with the partner. Anorexia means interruption in appetite. If you have little desire for sexual activities you might be suffering from sexual anorexia. People suffering from this dysfunction avoid, fear or dread sexual intimacy. If you are suffering from such problems that is best advisable to get treatment from sexologist in Meerut.

Both men and women suffer from these sexual issues. The main symptom is the lack of desire or interest. One may feel angry of afraid whenever a conversation between the partners comes up to the topic of sex. Sometimes people even become obsessed with avoiding sex. This obsession may even dominate the life of the person.  Physical and emotional causes that lead to anorexia in women are –

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Recent childbirth
  • Exhaustion
  • Breast-feeding
  • Use of medication
  • Sexual abuse
  • Communication problem
  • Power struggle with a partner
  • Negative attitude towards sex

However, it is difficult to diagnose this problem. It is not a kind of disorder that can be treated with the help of a single test. It is always advisable to communicate with the sexologist about your symptoms. He might order some tests that may be useful in diagnosing the problem. After proper diagnosis treatments are carried out to help patients in improving their condition.

Hormone therapy is one of the most effective treatments for some people. Adults who suffer from low testosterone or estrogen levels get benefited by medical treatment. Menopausal women also get profited by hormone replacement therapy to boost libido. Treatment from emotional side is also necessary. Effective communication between the partners is also fruitful in gaining better health.

The outlook for the people to treat sexual disorders varies greatly. Half of the disorders are easy to treat depending on the health conditions of the patients. However, deep psychological aspects of the condition are harder to treat. When you get treatment from sexologist in Meerut you may feel connected and hopeful about your future. This will inspire you towards the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.

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