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sexual dysfunction

Unexpected Failure

In this post, I want to discuss the issue of male sexual dysfunction once again. It affects about one in three men in my patients and is characterized by premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

The quality of life of patients aggravated by sexual problems is deteriorating in every way. Problems are encountered in the family, which is reflected in their public activities or careers. There are many circumstances that negatively affect the performance of an erectile function.

The solution is here! The main thing is not to lock the patient in his head and not be left alone under psychological pressure. Nor do you recommend taking different medications arbitrarily, it may be harmful to your health. Too many people think that achieving an erection is the easiest process. Trust me, this is not the case. Erection occurs at the expense of complex chemical processes. Through innervation, a large amount of blood flows to the genitals, and if everything went well, the genitals reach an erect state.

Telling you about one clinical case. A 43-year-old man came to visit me last month and had been complaining of impaired erectile function for 2 months. The anamnesis (life story) revealed that the very first sudden failure was so depressing that after each act he only thought about erection, the “failures” continued. In addition, the arbitrary intake of various drugs has significantly affected his health. The survey also found that he was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago, and it had been a year since he had even seen an endocrinologist.

I advised the patient to perform several diagnostic tests. Based on their results, unregulated blood sugar levels were determined. Glucose (sugar) was even detected in the general analysis of urine. Dramatic changes in blood circulation in the genitals were also observed. I advised to see an endocrinologist and I also explained that combination therapy was necessary.

After one month of treatment, the endocrinological status stabilized and developed with positive dynamics. For my part, I prescribed treatment according to the proper scheme. His sexual function was also regulated. The psychological side was also regulated. His quality of life has improved and become satisfactory.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is considered by many older men to be a disease. Unfortunately, I have to say that as a result of observations in recent years, its development has become very frequent in men aged 20-30. In such clinical cases, the psychological factor is also more difficult to detect.

To conclude this post positively, I will tell you that there are many treatment options for erectile function that include both medical and surgical approaches.

To contact a doctor, a sexologist in Delhi, and undergo proper treatment. Do not worry, do not think that everything is over.

I wish you successful and varied sex life!

At what age does a man stop having an Erection

Male Aging And Declining Testosterone

“Several symptoms that occur related to hormonal deficit overlap with the natural aging of man or even diseases prevalent in this population, which makes it a difficult task to accurately distinguish the true cause.”

The man, over the years, suffers a natural aging process of his cells generating countless repercussions in the body, as well as the progressive and slow decline of his hormonal function, especially after 40 years. It is known that the woman when approaching 50 years old, undergoes a stop of her reproductive function and important decline of her hormonal function, called menopause. In the elderly man, these reproductive changes occur slowly and gradually, with more subtle symptoms. This process is called Androgenic Deficiency in Male Aging (DAEM).

The hormone directly linked to reproductive function in men is produced by cells located in the testicles and is called testosterone (the main male androgen hormone). From the age of 40, the decline of testosterone in the body of man is around 1% per year. The term andropause, commonly used to characterize this clinical condition, should not be used, because unlike women, there is no hormonal pause, but its gradual deficit. The correct term is Androgenic Deficiency in Male Aging.

It is estimated that the proportion of individuals over 65 years of age will increase significantly over the next 30 years. Census data show that the number of Americans aged 65 and over will rise from around 40 million today to somewhere around 90 million in the next 30 years. In this context, the prevalence of diseases such as cancer, vascular diseases, and hormonal decline will increase dramatically. Therefore, age is an independent risk factor for dropping testosterone, and monitoring with a sexologist in Delhi is essential for the proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition.


Several symptoms that occur related to hormonal deficit overlap with the natural aging of man or even diseases prevalent in this population, which makes it a difficult task to accurately distinguish the true cause. The main repercussions with the drop in testosterone are decreased libido (sexual desire), erectile dysfunction (difficulty in having/maintaining a penile erection), increased body fat, loss of bone mass (osteoporosis), loss of muscle mass, decreased hair (beard, hair), anemia, depression, and irritability.

Faced with the suspicion of the hormonal decline related to the aging of man, the best sexologist in Delhi, through a complete clinical evaluation and with complementary laboratory tests, when establishing the correct diagnosis, will offer the various treatment options. There is no way to avoid this natural human aging process, but maintaining healthy living habits contributes to the prevention of diseases related to the decrease in testosterone levels.

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is safe and effective. It is available in injectable and gel presentations for daily application. The medical follow-up of this treatment is very important for the improvement of the man’s quality of life, as it is not exempt from side effects, so it needs to be well indicated.