Vaginismus (Pain with spasm at time of entry)


Vaginismus is a type of sexual dysfunction. It is a condition that creates the muscles of the pelvic floor tighten, preventing a lady from having sexual intercourse. Sexologist doctor in Delhi describe the condition as like once you reflexively shut your eyelids when an object gets too near your eyes.

Vaginismus may be lifelong, or occurring after a time of normal sexual intercourse. It may additionally happens in all situations and with any object or may only occur in certain situations, like with one partner however not others, or with sexual intercourse however not with tampons or pelvic exams.


Symptoms of vaginismus may include:

  • an intense worry of penetration and pain, that force you to avoid sex
  • a burning pain when penis or any object penetrate into vagina
  • loss of sexual desire if trying to penetrate something into vagina


Vaginismus may be a sexual downside. It’s many possible causes, including:

  • Intercourse
  • Past sexual trauma or abuse
  • Psychological factors
  • A response that develops because of physical pain

Treatment choices for vaginismus

Vaginismus could be a treatable disorder. Treatment sometimes includes educating couples, counselling to understand the problem and suggesting useful tips, and exercises to relax pelvic muscle.

Sex therapy & counseling

Education generally involves learning concerning your anatomy and what happens throughout arousal and intercourse. You’ll get information about the muscles active in vaginismus too. This could assist you understand how the parts of the body work and the way your body is responding.
Counseling might involve you alone or along with your partner. Consulting with a sexologist who specialist in sexual disorders may be helpful. Hypnosis and relaxation techniques may promote relaxation and assist you feel comfortable with intercourse.

Vaginal Trainers (Dummy Penis Size Object)

A sexologist in Delhi might suggest learning to use vaginal trainers under the direction of a sex therapist.

Vaginal trainers help you relax the muscles in your vagina by making you habitual to having something inserted into it. These are a group of 4 smooth, plastic penis-shaped objects in numerous sizes, which may be utilized in the privacy of your house.

The smallest trainer is inserted first, applying lubricating substance if required. Once you are feeling comfortable inserting the tiniest one, you’ll be able to move on to the second size and so on.

Vaginal trainers are not meant to stretch a vagina that’s too narrow. Ladies with vaginismus have always normal vagina. The trainers are a way of teaching the vagina to simply accept penetration while not automatically closing.

After finishing the course of treatment with a set of trainer, you and your partner can attempt to have intercourse again.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercise help to control the pelvic muscle which control the vaginal wall. Kegel exercises are done by tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, that control your vagina, rectum, and bladder.

You can find these muscles when you’re urinating. Once you start to urinate, stop the stream. You’re using your pelvic floor muscles to do this. These muscles move as a group, so they all contract and relax at constant time.


Very few cases of vaginismus need surgery. However, it’s going to be helpful if a physical problem is causing pain in sexual activity and is raising a chance of vaginismus.