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best sexologist in Delhi
Sexologist in Delhi
best sex doctor in delhi

Best Sexologist in Delhi, India

Dr. P K Gupta – MBBS, MD, PGDS

Member Council For Sex Education Parenthood (International)

20+ Years of Experience in Medical Field


  • Dr. Ram ManoharLohia Hospital, Delhi Govt.
  • G. B. Pant Hospital, Delhi Govt.
  • S.G.M. Hospital, Delhi Govt.
Know More About Dr P K Gupta

Dr. P K Gupta is a renowned sexologist in Delhi, for the treatment of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, infertility. He is having a degree of MBBS, MD, Post Graduate Diploma in Sexual Medicine (PGDS) & the Member Council of Sex Education & Parenthood (International). His reputation in sexology precedes him to become one of the leading sexologist doctor in Delhi. Further to add, many organizations have awarded him many times for his contribution to sex treatment in Delhi, India.

Dr. P K Gupta’s Super Specialty Clinic is the only sexologist clinic in Delhi which ranks No. 1 in Delhi, No. 8 in India & No. 137 Globally by the organization “Global Clinic Rating™ “

The clinic score is 3/5 in GCR. GCR score is a 5-star quality rating that uses machine learning technology to rate the medical quality of 500K medical providers around the world.

A sexologist is someone able to study the relationship and the sexual behavior of male, female and transgendered individuals. Delhi is the capital of India and has a total metropolis population of around 3 crores. Nowadays there is a large number of sex issue sufferers in Delhi. To get rid of any of these problems, search for a sexologist near me on google and you will find Dr. P K Gupta is the best.

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Doctors Recognized 20+ Years of extensive experience and training that will help you recover your sexual life and enjoy your sexual relations.
Personalized Treatment Sexologist in Delhi who will provide you with a personalized service adapted to your needs under a climate of total trust.
Warranty of Results Each case is studied individually and guaranteeing the patient the best possible solution with the most appropriate sex treatment in Delhi.
Maximum Privacy Patients can explain their problem in question and express their doubts openly in the strictest privacy and confidentiality.

Awards & Recognition

sex doctor in Delhi

Just Dial is a company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, website and mobile apps. At Just Dial, average customer ranking of Dr P K Gupta is 4.9/5 which describe him as top sexologist in Delhi.

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In 2020, Shri Ram Das Athawale, Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. Of India, awarded Dr P K Gupta as Worldwide Achievers “BEST MEN’S HEALTH AND IVF CLINIC IN DELHI” sponsored by Govt. of India.

best sex doctor in India

In 2015, Dr P K Gupta received Certificate of Excellence Life Time Achievement Award (Sexual Health) by Brands Achiever and presented by Former Indian Cricketer Ajay Jadeja.

best sexologist in India

Dr. P K Gupta received awards for “Best Sexologist in Delhi NCR” consecutively 2 years 2013 & 2014 by “Prime Time Global Healthcare Excellence Awards”.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction

Sexuality is an extremely important area of human functioning because sex is a source of natural energy that we need for life. 43% of women and 46% of men in India suffer from dissatisfaction with their sex life. A successful sex life translates into many other spheres of our life and a sense of satisfaction and success.

The appearance of sexual disorders in men reduces their self-esteem, which is why as many as 90% of them try to mask them. Sex problems concern as much as 37 percent (men aged 16-65). Most men try to get away from worry, usually at work, or explain their aversion to sex with fatigue. Covid 19 has also make people more vulnarable to sexual problems due personal and professional reason. In such case consultation with sexologist in Delhi is must to prevent future problems.

By the hand of Dr P K Gupta, Sex treatment in Delhi, India, guarantees work on the causes of the disorder and allows you to maintain a long-term effect.

Very often, the causes of male sexual problems are initially misidentified by those who experience them. The therapeutic process allows for a correct diagnosis, which often lies in the relationship between partners and often affects the partner of the person seeking help.

Sexual dysfunction should be diagnosed only by the best sex doctor in Delhi, India like Dr. P K Gupta who will recommend an appropriate treatment. He can offer treatment for sexual dysfunction with methods such as:

  • Counselling.
  • Improving health through diet and exercise.
  • Proposing an appropriate pharmacological treatment

In our sexologist clinic in Delhi, we provide sexological medical advice and treatment of adolescents and adults by using Ayurvedic & Modern Medical Treatment.

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Consultation With Dr. P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi

Consultation Fee: Rs. 1000

The first meeting with Dr. P K Gupta takes the form of a conversation that will allow you to understand the causes of difficulties and find a solution for them. When the underlying cause of your problem is psychological, participating in sex therapy can help. If sex specialist in Delhi, India, Dr. P K Gupta deems it necessary, additional pharmacological treatment may be recommended.

Meeting with Dr. P K Gupta can help when you do not feel pleasure from intercourse, it is difficult for you to get and maintain an erection, you feel pain and discomfort, you experience difficulties related to your sexual identity, you care about your partner, but you love each other less and less and your libido seems to be disappeared. As a sex doctor in Delhi, India he will also help if you do not orgasm during intercourse, are struggling with premature ejaculation, or suspect that you are addicted to sex or masturbation.

We encourage you to break your shame and meet the best sex doctor in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a consultation with Dr P K Gupta take place?

A consultation with a sexologist Dr P K Gupta at sex clinic in Delhi will be similar to the experience of a consultation with a doctor or psychologist. The primary function of the sex doctor in Delhi will be to put you in confidence to express the sexual disorders that you encounter while respecting your privacy. The sexologist’s mission is to identify the problem and classify it to determine whether it is physiological, psychological or simply due to sexual ignorance. If the problem is physiological, the sexologist can prescribe medication to remedy it, if it is psychological, the solution will be therapeutic.

What is sexologist Dr P K Gupta for?

The function of the sexologists in New Delhi are to solve problems concerning sexuality. It aims to listen to his patients without being intrusive to their intimacy, to try to understand the problem (s) they encounter and then find the solution. The sexologist in India can accompany his patients therapeutically if the problem in question is not physiological. The sex doctor in Delhi can also have consultations with couples if patients think it will help solve their problem in a simpler way. The sex specialist in Delhi also has a medical function, if his patients suffer from diseases or not, but they encounter physical sexual problems, the sexologist can resort to the prescription of various drugs that will help patients.

Why consult sexologist in Delhi Dr P K Gupta rather than a general practitioner?

Dr P K Gupta has followed a course of general medicine and then specialize in sexology. People who have experienced problems related to their sexual health can consult their general practitioner to remedy them. However, the added value of a sexologist in Delhi is his expertise in the field, the sexologist may be less disturbing to address and talk about intimate problems as he is specialized to deal with this kind of problem through his profession. The sex specialist doctor in Delhi also brings a therapeutic and psychological aspect that a general practitioner does not necessarily have, and can therefore provide a continuous psychological support that can be very important in the evolution of the sexuality of patients.

What does the sexologist Dr P K Gupta do?

The role of Dr P K Gupta is to find the origin of a sexual disorder, to treat it, but also to prevent it. Note that the sexologist doctor in Delhi intervenes to inform and advise in various situations, such as pregnancy, contraception, infertility, abortion or sexually transmitted diseases. He can practice as a clinical sexologist at sex clinic in Delhi, and offer individual, couple, family or group sex therapies. He can also work on prevention and sex education. Thus, the clinical sexologist: – questions the individual or the couple who came to consult to better understand what brings them / them; – then proposes ways to improve the sexual and relational life, thanks to different therapeutic approaches.

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