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Dr. P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi


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The doctor at sexologist clinic in Delhi is involved in all aspects of sexual health and intimacy.

Over 20 years of activity as a Sexologist doctor in Delhi have allowed me to acquire the experience necessary for the treatment of sexual disorders. My expertise is primarily sexual medicine. My domain here is the whole correspondence between diseases and sexuality. It is first of all what is called sexual dysfunction in men (erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders – early or delayed, desire problems …) and women (lack of desire, lack of pleasure, pain during intercourse). Even in Google if you search sexologist near me you will find Dr. P K Gupta.

It also helps people affected by an illness (diabetes, cancer …) that affects their sexuality. A diagnosis is made and my expertise can determine the appropriate sex treatment in Delhi

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What Is Sexual Health

About Us

Our Sexologist clinic in Delhi has a team of highly qualified professionals.

If you are looking for a sexologist in Delhi, you have come to the right place. We are formed by a multidisciplinary team of sex specialist in Delhi, whose objective is to ensure the well-being of people and improve their quality of life, contributing to their personal and professional development.

Today all of us are in a process of continuous change, so it is normal for these changes to interact with each other, affecting different aspects of our lives. Therefore, our interventions are directed towards understanding these changes and how they can affect our relationships. For this reason, our sexologist doctor in Delhi favors real training in these skills so that they can be put into practice at every moment of personal development, looking for different paths with the person who comes in need of help to improve their sexual performance and consequently their relationship.

Specialized Services Offered By Best Sexologist in Delhi

Looking for sex specialist doctor in Delhi, India? Dr. P K Gupta is the best sexual doctor with 20+ years of experience in Professional Medical Services.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile disorders have a very important impact on the life of man in terms of self-image, self-confidence. The partner also suffers from this lack of carnal communication with his man.

But here again, the causes of erectile dysfunction are well known now and the erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi that exists are very effective.

During the consultation, sexologist in Delhi will look for the various possible causes and choose together the best treatment for you. This will allow to exchange around this symptom and to renew the dialogue for a more playful, lighter, less stressful sexuality, to get out of the anxiety of performance.

What happens in Early Or Delayed Ejaculation

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Early Or Delayed Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a very common symptom, which has often existed since time immemorial. It is a source of lack of self-confidence, lack of sexual satisfaction for the man and his partner. There are sometimes causes (hyperthyroidism, some drugs, sexual abuse, certain life events, a couple crisis, erectile dysfunction ..) but not always.

The best sexologist in Delhi, India will allow to exchange around this symptom, to look for the repercussions on the couple, and on the confidence in oneself and possible anxiety of performance.

Then we will put together a therapeutic plan with learning and a choice of premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi. Ejaculation can also be delayed sometimes. There are somatic causes and psychological causes of this. But this is not inevitable, the treatments are very effective.

Desire Disorders

Desire works in a very different way for men and women. It involves complex neurobiological and psycho-affective mechanisms. Breakdowns of desire can affect men and women, it is then a source of suffering of the couple. One feels guilty, guilty of dysfunction. The other feels frustrated, rejected, and unloved, he doubts his seductive abilities. It’s very humiliating for both partners. Then avoidance processes take place to avoid these moments of questioning and refusal. The quest for desire prevents him from manifesting himself again.

Today’s society requires women to be both an exemplary mother, an accomplished working woman, and a desirable and desiring woman. It is possible but it is not obvious. In the collective unconscious, desire must be spontaneous for a fulfilled sexuality. We forget that we also have the right to think, to invent, to create our sexuality.

Certain pathologies such as depression, dysthyroidism, testosterone deficiency, prolactin excess … can be revealed by a lack of desire. It is important to talk to the best sex doctor in Delhi, India.

Sex therapy helps to understand the mechanisms of desire to be able to tame and regain control by considering a lack of desire not as a problem to be solved but as a project that one builds to two.

Are You at Risk?

Find Out If You Should Get Tested for STDs.

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted diseases are infections that are passed from one person to another usually during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. They are very common, and many people who have them have no symptoms. Without treatment, STDs can cause serious health problems. The good news is that getting tested is not complicated and that most of these diseases are easy to treat.

Make an appointment to take the STD tests

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is important - it is the first step to feeling better if you have symptoms. Many STDs have no symptoms, so getting regular tests will give you peace of mind. Enter your zip code to find the nearest Planned Parenthood health centre.

The best sex is the safest.

There is nothing like enjoying sex without having to worry about STDs or pregnancy. Using condoms, talking openly with your partner, and getting tested regularly is the way to do this. Safe sex means protecting yourself and your partners against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Safe sex helps keep you healthy and can even improve the sexual experience.

Infertility Problems

Obtaining a pregnancy is a thing of two: woman and man. At the Dr. P K Gupta’s sexologist clinic in Delhi we believe that in all couples with infertility problems the adequate study of the male by a sexologist in Delhi, expert in infertility is essential.

Recent studies indicate that a man with infertility is more likely to have a testicular tumour and they advise a study and follow-up of the man with infertility.

The complete evaluation of the male factor is essential to identify problems that can affect the health of the man and his offspring.

We talk about infertility when a couple, who are not using contraceptive techniques and have regular sexual relations, do not get pregnant after trying for a year.

In couples with infertility, in 35% there are male causes, in another 35% female causes and in 30% of cases they are mixed or combined causes.

From our point of view, we prefer to talk about couple infertility. The study of the two members of the couple and the coordination between gynecologist and sexologist doctor in Delhi is essential.

When in a couple that cannot have children, in addition to studying women, men are also studied, the percentage of pregnancies increases significantly.

Are You suffering from Micro Penis?

You can get your treatment for penis enlargement

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Penis Enlargement

An erect penis that is less than 12 centimetres in length is considered small, a measure that approximately 3% of men have. Penis size is an issue of concern to both men and women. When centimetres are scarce, it can generate anxiety at the possibility of not satisfying the partner because there is no penis enlargement in the desired length with the erection. It is in these cases where practicing a penis enlargement can be a good solution.

According to statistics, in flaccidity, the average length of the penis is between 6 to 10 cm. In full erection from 12 to 18 cm, with an average size of 13 cm.

As for the measures to consider that a penis is small, various clinical studies point to a length that would be in the range of 4 centimetres with the flaccid penis and 7 centimetres with the erect penis.

In our clinic we use three techniques or methods to lengthen the penis: medicine, mechanical and surgical; They allow to achieve an elongation capacity, but they are not indicated techniques for anyone who requests it. It is necessary to go to a doctor who is an expert in male genital anatomy and carry out a psychological evaluation in order to make the right decision.

Many patients require, for cosmetic reasons, a penile lengthening or thickening. The decision to undergo thickening and lengthening is simply for aesthetic or self-esteem reasons, and in few cases are patients with micropenises. In this case, they usually have penises of normal size, but the patient decides to thicken or lengthen it, in the same way that many women perform breast, gluteal, and other prosthetic surgery.

Low Sperm Count

The low sperm count - along with sperm mobility and morphology - affects the quality of semen and influences male fertility.

A low sperm count - which is detected in a semen analysis or seminogram - is one of the causes attributable to men that a couple may have difficulty achieving a pregnancy. or the result to be considered normal according to the World Health Organization (WHO), two criteria have to be met: that the semen sample contains more than 15 million sperm per millilitre, and that the total count in all ejaculate is more than 39 million, according to Dr. P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi.

If the cause of poor sperm quality is determined and can be treated, for example in the case of varicocele, this could solve the problem. However, and according to Dr. Gupta, Top Sexologist in Delhi, in most patients it is not possible to identify a specific cause, and the sperm shortage is almost always due to the sum of various factors.

The first step in treating any sperm disorder.

An initial 30-60-minute consultation with a fertility specialist is your first step in any sperm disorder treatment plan, regardless of the specific treatments you may need.

During your initial consultation at Sex Clinic in Delhi, a highly qualified and experienced sex specialist in Delhi will discuss your medical history with you, perform a physical exam, advise you on your options, and begin planning your tests and treatments.

When to consult a sexologist in Delhi?

It is necessary to consult a top sexologist in Delhi, India for any concern about the sexual health that persists repeatedly. We recommend consulting faster if the problems become a source of pain for the individual or for the couple. Sexologists in Delhi are the best interlocutors to treat intimate health problems whether physical or psychological. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with a qualified sexologist in Delhi, India if you have any questions.

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Looking for sex consultation in Delhi, India? Dr. P K Gupta is the best sexual doctor with 20+ years of experience.

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