Dr P K Gupta is the best sexologist in Dwarka, Delhi for sexual problems which affects one’s life severely and sometimes causes separation or divorce.

When to look for a sexologist in Dwarka?

It is not always easy to recognize when the sexologist becomes essential in people’s lives. Much for cultural reasons, misinformation and even fear. Some signs, however, point to the need to seek help from Dr P K Gupta.

Has sex turned into something too complex? Has the lack of pleasure bothered and undermined the intimacy between the couple? If the answers are yes, the sexologist can help you.

Dr P K Gupta is a professional trained to investigate various issues of a psychological and/or physiological nature related to sex. Erectile dysfunction, lack or excess of desire, complications to reach orgasm, pain (due to vaginismus or not), among others. Sometimes, it is not necessary to follow up for a long time – clarifying specific doubts may be enough.

Generally, the best sexologist in Dwarka is a doctor who specializes in the field of sexual problems. As a sexologist in Delhi, it is possible to work with physical demands (hormonal, for example), indicate exams, prescribe medication and, sometimes, recommend surgical interventions.

Dr P K Gupta as a psychologist sexologist in Dwarka focuses on emotional topics (sexual orientation, gender transition, impact of infertility, blocks caused by abuse, shyness, body shame, etc).

Did you know that the sexologist plays an important role in adolescence, clarifying urgent issues, such as combating sexually transmitted infections (STIs), early pregnancy and proper use of condoms and medication?

Non-judgmental: sexologist and the quest for sexual fulfillment

You know that conversation you’ve always wanted to have, but don’t feel comfortable talking to even your closest friend? And when you get discouraged from asking for help for fear of colleagues and/or family members expressing derogatory opinions about it? In moments like these, the sexologist in Dwarka imposes himself as a fundamental and strategic figure.

See guidelines that patients commonly take to clinics

  • Lack of sex in the relationship (“We haven’t had sex for three months!”)
  • Lack of attention from the partner (“He/she doesn’t notice me!”)
  • Negative Repercussions of Cheating (“Sex hasn’t been the same since I found out he/she cheated on me!”)
  • Sexual performance (“I’m ashamed to try new positions!”)
  • Premature Ejaculation (“I feel bad about this!”)
  • Porn addiction (“I realize my partner is addicted to erotic videos and this has negatively affected our relationship!”)
  • Lack of libido (“Since I started taking this drug, I don’t feel like having sex. Is it possible to adjust?”)
  • Body inadequacies (“I don’t have freedom in bed as I don’t feel good about my body!”)
  • Quantity and quality of relationships (“He/she wants to have sex every day, but I only want to have sex once a week or every fortnight. How can we resolve this impasse?”)
  • Preparation for the first time relationship (“I’m afraid it will hurt! What if I don’t know what to do right away? What if he/she doesn’t like it? How can I prepare for this very important moment?”)

See how beneficial the best sexologist in Dwarka Dr P K Gupta can be? Want to know more? I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I would be delighted to respond to your comments on this matter.