Can young people suffer from erectile dysfunction
November 2, 2019
Can young people suffer from erectile dysfunction

Can young people suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Can young people suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is a pathology that affects a large number of men in the world; According to statistics, there are approximately 20 to 30 million males who suffer from it.

Erectile dysfunction is not a matter for adult men, young people can suffer from it because of many reasons. According to the best sexologist in Delhi, the number of young men suffering from impotence has increased in recent decades. As shown by different studies published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, subjects with erectile dysfunction under 40 years of age already represent a quarter of the total population that comes to consultation for this problem.

In fact, it is more severe in young men than in older men and is receiving a lot of attention from researchers and professionals.


The sexologist doctor in Delhi says that the causes are diverse, but these are according to each organism. There are cases that are more serious and occur in those men who are overweight or suffer from diabetes, including in addition to young people who have problems with blood circulation or trauma to the pelvis.

Psychological problems also have a lot to do, among the most important we can mention depression, anxiety disorder, stress, etc. They also influence the fear of failing in the sexual relation, the complex produced by the lack of experience, the not knowing the use of contraceptives, the fear of pregnancy becoming concrete, among others.

The psychological causes can be the easiest to correct, because they only require specialized treatment, without the need to make a pharmacological one.

When looking for culprits, it is also necessary to know if they use psychoactive substances. The toxic habits that afflict society today affect the hormonal balance and the capacity of the blood vessels. As a result, testosterone levels and blood circulation are affected and, as you can imagine, erection requires both sexual desires and, of course, a good blood supply, explains sexologist in Delhi.

Is it for life or does it have a solution?

To solve erectile dysfunction problem it is important to go to a sex specialist in Delhi who can make a complete evaluation of the sexual history of the person, its functioning and current satisfaction.

It is usually corrected when the cause that is producing it is eliminated or controlled. In the same way, there are treatments to be able to directly handle male impotence, among them: juices and shakes, drugs, injections, exercises, food, etc.