condom inside the vagina
August 6, 2022
condom inside the vagina

Condom inside the vagina – What to do

If the condom gets stuck inside the vagina right after sexual intercourse, it must be manually removed if it is visible or palpable. Otherwise, it is essential to look for a gynecologist urgently so that he can make the withdrawal in his office. With the help of a speculum, the professional will have complete visibility of the vaginal cavity and there will be no risk of rupture.

Why go to the gynecologist

The gynecologist is the only one authorized to remove the condom if it is not visible because, on many occasions, the condom breaks into several small parts that can remain inside the vagina if one of them is not removed.

What happens if the condom stays inside the vagina

When staying inside the vagina, even a small piece of the condom can be seen by the immune system as a foreign body, causing irritation, itching and inflammation. In addition, a possible contamination of the condom can be the gateway of a bacterial or fungal infection, for example.

Risk of getting pregnant

If the condom gets stuck in the vagina during the woman’s ovulation period, there is a chance of pregnancy as the semen retained in the condom at the time of ejaculation may have stayed inside the vagina. In this case, it is necessary to proceed in the same way as when the condom breaks and to take the morning-after pill as soon as possible.

Be careful when handling the condom

It is necessary to be aware that attempts to remove the condom with hands or other objects can cause wounds on the vaginal wall and contamination that later trigger an infection. It is necessary to remove the condom as soon as possible, but it is retained in the vagina for a few hours until the consultation with the gynecologist does not pose any risks because the vagina is a closed cavity and in no way can the condom reach the uterus or abdomen.