sex after childbirth
October 30, 2019
sex after childbirth

Sex After Childbirth

When To Start Sex After Childbirth?

A question asked by many people after childbirth as they are confused about how much should they wait after childbirth.

There are several reasons for the couple’s sex life to be interrupted for some time after childbirth. The first is that if an episiotomy or cesarean section has been performed on the mother, the wound should be healed. There is also the fact that after childbirth the woman may suffer vaginal bleeding that lasts for some time.

Another cause is that the baby is the absolute priority of the mother and the demand for continued care that requires care can cause fatigue and even disinterest in sex. Also, the so-called postpartum depression determines the couple’s sexual life in a decisive and negative way.

The most common is to hear that the sexual moratorium should be limited to the first month after childbirth, but there are women who wait for three, six or even twelve months. The truth is that there is no rule about the most appropriate time to resume sexual life, although some couples wait at least until the review of six weeks for the gynecologist to say whether or not they can resume sexual relations.

A frequent problem is that the man wants to resume sexual practice before the woman and a refusal on the part of her can generate a feeling of rejection in him. It is fundamental to maintain open communication between them and that he knows the physical state and mood of her, that is, the reasons for her refusal.

The important thing is to spend time together, especially when the baby is resting. The signs of affection and the expression of emotions, either through caresses and/or words, will help to break distances and recover the necessary complicity for sexual life. It should also be taken into account that intercourse is not necessary for a sexual relationship to be satisfactory.

However, there are physiological aspects that must always be taken into account. On the one hand, the episiotomy may cause discomfort for some time and the woman may suffer a transient situation of vaginal dryness that makes intercourse painful. Hence the convenience of using lubricating gels to reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse, although we must insist that it is not necessary to complete it from the start.

Another habitual recommendation from the sexologist in Delhi is that the woman performs the exercise to recover her habitual physical form as soon as possible and that she practices the so-called Kegel exercises (successive contractions of the perineal area). An adequate and healthy diet, as well as rest, complete the measures to recover the physical normality of the woman and with it the sexual life of the couple after childbirth.