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June 22, 2020
sexologist in Rohini

Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunction corresponds to situations in which the individual is unable to achieve a sexual relationship or in which it is unsatisfactory for himself and/or his partner. It can be characterized by a change in desire, in the presence or maintenance of arousal and response to it, in the ability to achieve orgasm, in a painful disturbance or in the overlap of any of these situations. These cases can be associated with malaise and interfere with different aspects of personal, family and professional life, says the best sexologist in Rohini.

Its prevalence is high, between 25% and 63% worldwide, but studies are scarce and the data observed are quite heterogeneous.


The symptoms are different in men and women. In men, the most common are difficulties in obtaining or maintaining an erection, changes in ejaculation, which may be absent, delayed or premature ejaculation. In women, there is a predominance of decreased sexual desire, the inability to achieve orgasm, insufficient vaginal lubrication and the difficulty in relaxing this musculature, making it difficult or preventing penetration.

Generally, sexologist in Rohini classified it into four categories: those that affect sexual desire, those that interfere with sexual stimulation, erectile dysfunction and changes in orgasm.

Painful conditions are quite common, especially in women, and maybe related to poor vaginal lubrication or involuntary contraction of these muscles. The symptoms can be very varied and it is not always assumed as such since factors of a physical and psychological nature contribute to it.


It can have numerous causes, ranging from physical (diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological, hormonal, renal, liver, alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse, use of medications such as some anti-depressants, antihypertensives and antihistamines, for example) to psychic, such as stress, anxiety, depression, concerns about sexual performance, marital problems, among others.

During pregnancy, it is normal to experience some type of sexual dysfunction, such as decreased desire or pain during intercourse. For women, the premenstrual phase, postpartum and menopause may be accompanied by changes related to sex.


To maximize the benefits of drugs and behavioural techniques used in sex treatment in Delhi, it is important to have a comprehensive approach to the issue. The diagnosis is more difficult when the affected people do not recognize the existence of the problem. The complete sexual history and the assessment of general health and other sexual problems are very important. Assessing the presence of anxiety, guilt or stress is an integral part of an adequate approach to sexual dysfunction, says the best sexologist in Rohini.

It is essential to include the presence of a medical condition that may be the cause. Sometimes, the diagnosis requires the approach of the two elements of the couple, in order to try to understand their dynamics and relationship mode.


Treatment success will depend on the underlying cause. Lifestyle changes are important. Excessive alcohol, tobacco and drugs are important causes of sexual dysfunction and its control alone can solve the problem.

For erectile dysfunction, there are several drugs that must always be prescribed by the doctor. Depending on the origin of the alteration in sexual function, there are several medications, hormonal or other, that can be useful.

In some cases of erectile dysfunction, mechanical help (penile implants or vacuum systems) may be indicated and, in the case of women, there are dilators that can be useful in cases of narrowing of the vaginal canal.

Sex therapy, psychological support, behavioural approaches and psychotherapy are other options. The essential thing is to recognize and accept its presence and, therefore, it is always easier to identify its causes and correct them, says sexologist in Rohini.


It involves education, information and communication since many cases have their origin there. On the other hand, the adoption of a healthy lifestyle allows avoiding many of the most common causes. Food, physical exercise, not smoking, are important steps towards a more balanced sex life.