sex causes separation
January 22, 2022
sex causes separation

Sex causes separation of some couples

Various problems are the cause of the separation of some couples, one of them is sex since it affects a number of relationships around the world.

Some of the most frequent causes of separation are anchored in intimacy, in the security that each one has and in how they project it to the spouse; in self-love that is reflected in the way of loving, in respect and tolerance for oneself and others.

Sexual problems between couples are caused by two reasons, emotional and physical, with the former influencing the latter.

Unresolved disputes affect emotionally because they cause a lack of libido. In the case of women, it is necessary to be emotionally well with the partner to have a sexual relationship; while men can separate the emotional from the physical and sometimes find in sex the solution to couple problems.

Fears are another important factor in sexual problems, an example of this problem is the fear of not meeting expectations and this emotional aspect directly affects physical performance that can sometimes cause frigidity (it is not that it cannot be enjoyed or that lack of desire, but the absence of all kinds of pleasure in sexual intercourse), erectile dysfunction (difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection), vaginitis (inflammation of the vaginal mucosa that is usually accompanied by an increase in vaginal discharge.), problems reaching orgasm.

The lack of security of one or both spouses can cause problems of infidelity, addiction to sex, or sexuality (lack of sexual desire).

These are some of the causes that cause problems in couples’ sexual relationships that can lead to divorce.

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