sexologist in Rohini
April 21, 2020
sexologist in Rohini

Sex life can improve with age, learn how

There is much talk that sexual life improves with age. Is this a myth or a truth? Let’s say it will depend on how you want it to be.

Our sex life can improve with maturity, since conflicts such as fear of becoming pregnant out of season and expectations about relationships are less present with age. However, several other issues may come up. It is important that we are able to resolve them so that a boycott does not happen from ourselves and makes sex life worse in maturity.

So, let’s go to some issues that need to be taken care of.

Sex is a sin

Unfortunately, we still carry taboos, like “sex is dirty and sin”. Sex is health and needs to be treated as something natural. Understanding what you like can be one of the first steps to breaking that taboo. Do not restrain yourself and try to touch your body to see what brings you pleasure and also try new positions during sex. Any part of our body can be an erogenous zone and lead to fantastic sensations. Just allow yourself and open yourself to the new.

Self-knowledge and self-esteem

All body and emotional self-knowledge brings self-confidence and will make you feel more secure with your body and enjoy more moments of sexual activity.

Once there is security, your self-esteem will improve and vice versa. Emotional maturity means that you don’t worry too much about what others are going to say about you, because you know yourself and opinions about you will not shake you as before.

Communication with the partner

All high self-esteem will make you communicate to your partner what you like about sex and other contexts in your life. It is useless to think that you will have a pleasurable sex if the communication is bad with your partner. Issues such as sexual fantasies and foreplay should be discussed, ensuring that both parties reach orgasm with great satisfaction.

Understand age limitations

You can even try to do at 40, 50, 60 what you did at 20. It will take a lot more effort – is it worth it? Not accepting that life passes for everyone and trying to make the body work in the same way that years ago can bring suffering. It is necessary to connect with the moment and the reality that you are experiencing. Going against it can be overwhelmingly negative for your sex life.

Take care of your physical and emotional health by always consulting a gynecologist, urologist or endocrinologist who can investigate your hormones and your physical health in general. If you want, look for a professional specialized in sexuality like sexologist in Delhi.

Not having a satisfactory sex life can cause people to be dissatisfied in life as a whole. Frustration cannot be synonymous with maturity.

Respect and lightness

These two words are essential in the lives of people who seek a better sex life with maturity. Respect with ourselves and with others, because life passes for everyone and one of the worst things is to disrespect our phases of life and not re-signify them. As for the lightness? Just by writing that word we can breathe better. We will feel more fulfilled, less anxious and ready to experience the gains of maturity in all contexts – mainly for our sexual practice.