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low libido

Five questions about libido

At the origin of our sexual desires, libido evolves throughout life, for physical and psychological reasons. What do we really know about her? Sexy quiz, to be completed under the covers for two!

Is libido always at its lowest in winter?

False. Ah, it is easy to pretend that winter damages our libido! But that’s an unfounded excuse because studies have only found one case in which it was proven: seasonal depression, the condition caused by lack of light in the fall and winter.

The symptoms are varied: sadness, lack of energy, difficulty in making decisions, sleep and appetite disturbances … and sometimes sexual problems. Low sex desire treatment in Delhi includes psychotherapy, and sometimes antidepressants. But apart from this case, no excuse to hang out alone under the duvet. Moreover, the desire is in oneself, it does not come only from the other. In the beginning, everything is rosy and as soon as we see each other, we jump on each other. With time, desire becomes less automatic, it then comes from oneself and is worked on. Because sexuality often comes after children, work, shopping, cleaning, friends, keeping time for sexuality is therefore essential!

It’s up to us to spice up our winter sexuality, even if it means turning up the heating thermostat to warm up our libido.

Does libido depend on hormones?

In part. Libido depends on many factors, first and foremost hormones.

In women, it evolves according to the cycle. The female desire is under the yoke of several hormones, of which the testosterone (in much less quantity than the men) and the estrogens, the female sex hormones. These are produced at a peak just before ovulation, an archaic heritage of our animal condition: they boost desire in order to ensure the reproduction of the species! But do not worry if this is not the case, some feel much less this hormonal sexual tension.

When breastfeeding, a hormone, prolactin, inhibits sexual desire. It was long believed that at menopause, libido collapsed. A study put an end to this belief: it is especially the negative received ideas about sexuality after menopause, which are responsible for its collapse. Many women over 50 have fulfilling sexuality.

In man, we often hear that they want it all the time … It’s not that simple. In men, desire is more linear than that of women, because it is conditioned by testosterone, a male sex hormone secreted continuously. But in practice, other factors must be taken into account, such as stress, which can have a negative impact on male libido.

Is the drop in libido necessarily psychological?

False! This misconception is completely wrong. The decrease in desire can be caused by diseases, for example of endocrine origin (hypothyroidism, pituitary gland tumor, etc.), depression, and the consequences of childbirth or breastfeeding.

The andropause, the equivalent of the female menopause, is defined by the drop in testosterone level. Which can alter the desire in some men? Just like some drugs: certain pills, certain antidepressants, antihypertensive (diuretics), anxiolytics, etc. It is sometimes difficult to know if it is the medicine or the condition for which it is taken, that is causing the altered libido, but it is important to talk to your sexologist in Delhi, which may be able to decrease. Doses or change medication. On the other hand, it is forbidden to stop your treatment on your own!

The psychological component of libido is very important. Conditioning oneself positively with regard to sexuality, by granting it space and time, is also important to regain desire. The advice of women’s magazines (alluring underwear, a night at a hotel, and fulfillment of fantasies …) will not revolutionize desire, especially if the origin of the drop in libido is a disease or a treatment, or if there is a marital problem behind the decline in desire. But in some, especially those who are motivated together to relaunch their desire, they help to stimulate a little vis-à-vis sexuality, to give it a real place again, to be more available and attentive for her lover. Which is far from negligible…

Is there a treatment for low libido?

In case of a decrease in libido that lasts, it is recommended to talk to your GP or a sex specialist in Delhi, who will seek to identify the cause. The support then includes the treatment of a medical origin, the adaptation of low sex desire treatment in Delhi if it is involved, psychotherapy or even couple therapy in the event of marital conflict, a frequent explanation of decreased desire!

Do stress and fatigue have an effect on libido?

Often. The stress has variable effects on libido, according to the people. It makes adrenaline secrete, a hormone antinomic of the libido: for some lovers, impossible to make love when they are very stressed. On the contrary, others seek the well-being caused by the endorphins secreted after orgasm: a good remedy against stress!

As for fatigue, it can have a devastating effect on libido: sex requires significant physical effort and emotional investment. When one is exhausted, it may be impossible to find that animal energy necessary for the sexual drive and its gratification. The mental load is often invoked by women to explain their lack of desire, they are so exhausted from dealing with everything.

Work on his desire, on his way of conceiving sexuality, can then be interesting, seeing the sexual relation differently, no longer as the prelude to an obligatory orgasm, but simply as a moment of intimacy and pleasure, of reunion with the loved one. In addition, sexuality is not limited to penetration: masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus are less expensive in terms of energy and emotions. The erotic massage also provides much valuable sensual interlude.

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction of Neurological Origin

Erectile Dysfunction of Neurological Origin has a close relationship with male sexual impotence. The one characterized by a lack of permanent erection.

However, occasional failure does not makeup to develop this disease.

The main cause of this problem is emotional. That affects about 70 percent of cases. The remaining 30 percent represents an organic dysfunction, which can be caused by arterial, hormonal problems. And in a smaller percentage as a result of changes in the anatomy of the male member; As in Peyronie’s disease.

Erection Problems Caused by Nerves

Anxiety is the emotional cause that most blocks the mechanism of an erection. Men may be afraid of failing more than once or feeling inhibited; when they relate to a person who attracts their sentimental attention.

Premature ejaculation may also be responsible for this problem. The fear of ejaculating too quickly, not giving pleasure to the couple, and not achieving ideal penetration. It creates great anxiety, which leads to the inability to have a firm erection during sex.

Other reasons such as stress and economic problems can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. “There is a lot of talk about how people should behave to stimulate desire”

Ideally, it would be to transform the family environment and daily routine, but it’s not an easy task. However, every effort is worthwhile in order to have the desired person at your side.

Also, certain sexologists in Delhi emphasize, that when it comes to sexuality the focus should be emotional. Because it’s part of the intimate relationship between two people. “It is important to establish whether the male member malfunctions and compromises the relationship. Or if it works badly because the relationship is already compromised.”

Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Emotional Disorders

It is common to relate human aging to impotence. In fact, testosterone can decrease in old age; But not at a level that requires replacing it.

According to sexologist in Delhi, aging does not cause a loss in erection or sexual desire. If not it varies the attitude of each individual. A person over the age of 70 may have satisfactory sexual activity. As long as she is healthy optimistic and willing.

The same can apply for young men, who are depressed or sick. “Sexuality has no pattern, just remember that on vacation people enjoy sex more.”

Lovers have not changed; What has changed is the environment and libido profile. It is currently noticeable that sexuality varies at every moment from person to person. It depends on the interpersonal relationship and partly to the quality of life of the human being,” the best sexologist in Delhi explains.

How to Decrease Anxiety and Emotional Discomfort?

If you want to achieve inner peace, the main thing is to forgive the people who once hurt your self-pride and forgive yourself for the actions done. To feel calmer and relaxed as such.

In addition, it’s important to do daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. Applying kegel exercises, accompanied by meditation exercises such as yoga. They can help you fall asleep. Contributing to a better lifestyle.

Eating a balanced diet also helps counteract anxiety. Foods such as: Spinach, celery, chard, beetroot, and asparagus; can be accompanied by fish or chicken. The nutrients of these edibles also encourage better circulation by the high concentration of nitrates.

Nerve-Caused Erection Treatments

The following are 2 treatments for Erectile Dysfunction of Neurological Origin:

1. In case erectile dysfunction occurs due to failure of the nerves that stimulate the male limb. The most appropriate treatment is self-injection.

This treatment involves injecting into the cavernous body a drug that causes vasodilation to the virile limb, favoring the entry of more blood.

It takes immediate effect ten minutes after injection. Causing a satisfying male erection. Self-injection may be applied in diabetics and in men who have had radical prostatectomy. Which is the total removal of the prostate caused by cancer.

2. In certain emotional cases, psychotherapy has also been shown to be effective. When in diabetic men the disease is poorly controlled; There may be radical changes in nerves that stimulate the male limb, causing erectile dysfunction.

sexologist in delhi

Vulva and vagina: know what you can or cannot do with them

The most delicate part of the female anatomy deserves – or rather, it requires! – special care in everyday life to always stay healthy and free from problems such as infections and unwanted secretions. The best sexologist in Delhi provides the list of what is prohibited and what is allowed to do with your vulva and vagina.


Use absorbent daily.

Although many brands have their own versions for daily use, gynecologists do not recommend this practice. Continued use of tampons can smother the vagina and accumulate secretions and sweat, increasing the risk of infections. Breathable ones, that is, without plastic wrap, can only be adopted in extreme cases, such as loss of urine, excessive sweating or excessive vaginal content. Even so, they need to be changed every three or four hours. However, routinely using the tampon on days when a woman does not have a menstrual flow poses risks: as the vaginal environment is hot and humid, it favors the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

Wash the vagina internally with a shower No way!

No way! The internal showers modify the vaginal pH, change the local flora (a set of microorganisms that live in balance) and favor genital infections, causing secretions. If the vagina has normal and balanced flora, washing it internally can cause foreign bacteria to enter. The ideal, in fact, is to clean only the external area – pubic area, vulva skin, root of the thighs and perianal region – and the so-called intermediate compartment, which includes the interior of the labia majora and the labia minora up to the hymenal membrane. In the internal compartment, sexologists in Delhi recommend washing only the “entrance”, there being no need to introduce any soap or perform internal showers.

Wash the vagina internally with accessories

He recently went viral on the post of a girl sharing that used to wash her vagina and anus with a toothbrush. In no way should women imitate such an attitude. First, because the vagina is “self-cleaning”, that is, it is able to clean all secretions and flaking naturally. Frames candidiasis they may leave some “plates” stuck internally, but you should not introduce any type of accessory to remove them. A vaginal cream prescribed by the gynecologist can solve the problem. What’s more, the vagina is mucous and therefore a thin and delicate area. There is a danger that the brush’s bristles – or any object that is more harsh or sharp – will hurt the inner walls. Not to mention that using the same item – and this is even true for sex toys – in the anus and vagina can cause cross-contamination, since the local bacteria are different.

Use perfumes and sensual indoor cosmetics

The normal vaginal discharge has a slight and almost imperceptible odor. At the end of the day, with sweat, it is common for the smell to become more intense, but this is perfectly natural. Using perfumes to “mask” the original feminine fragrance is quite a step towards an unbalanced pH, resulting in irritations and discharge. On the vulva (outside), talc and possibly deodorant and perfumes can be applied. In the pink part, the vagina, nothing should be used. Gynecologists also recommend avoiding glitter pills, manufactured with the purpose of spreading glitter during penetration, and the so-called Hot Balls, jelly balls for sale in sex shops that melt inside the vagina and promise to cause various sensations, such as heat, cold and ” shocks “. These products can alter the entire local flora.

Introduce food

Playing with food is a recurring fantasy among couples who like to explore the more playful side of sex. However, it is one thing to pour condensed milk or chocolate syrup on your nipples and lick it off. Another, quite different, is to introduce whipped cream, fruit and even champagne bubbles into the vagina. This is a very dangerous practice, as some pieces of food can escape into the vagina, causing secondary contamination. Allergies, burning and pH changes are other possible strains. What’s more, foods that travel only outside the body do not cause problems, but are contaminated by vaginal and perianal bacteria, and can cause damage if digested.

Do vaginal vaporization

The technique of sitting in an herbal vaporizer won many fans after the actress Gwyneth Paltrow declared herself adept at the practice, which, in theory, would serve to tone, sanitize and balance vaginal hormones. It is not for nothing that “Goop”, the series on the star’s well-being on Netflix, has generated so much criticism. There is no scientific evidence on such benefits. Furthermore, if the steam is too hot, the woman may suffer burns. Some gynecologists, especially those with natural therapies, recommend local compresses of iced chamomile tea when there is some irritation in the vulva, but they should not be introduced into the vagina.


Use lubricants

Yes, especially water-based products, which will not make the condom break in contact with the latex. They do not change the flora or the local pH and are excellent in situations of vaginal dryness, such as postpartum, breastfeeding, menopause and diseases that alter hormones, such as endometriosis. However, whatever the case may be, the lack of vaginal lubrication should never be underestimated; therefore, it is always worth seeking the guidance of the gynecologist.

Sleep (and even stay) without panties whenever possible

Yes, for the entire vulvar region to breathe freely. Every woman should abuse skirts, looser pants and pieces with light fabrics. It is essential to avoid spending too much time with excessively glued or tight pieces, such as gym clothes and jeans.

Use wet wipes in emergencies

We emphasize: in emergencies and, preferably, hypoallergenic. However, use only in the external area, without introducing it into the vagina. These tissues, in general, have cellulosic base soaked in mild detergents, with the addition of softening products and pH between 5 and 6, being very useful for hygiene outside the home, long trips, public toilets and menstrual period. Its use, however, should not be abusive: the vulva is very delicate and has a thin protective greasy layer that the scarf ends up removing, which can dry out, irritate, cause itching and discharge. The most suitable is to use for hygiene of the posterior region after evacuation or in situations where daily bathing is not possible.

Wash with intimate soap

Yes, because it has the appropriate pH for the intimate region and is healthier than the conventional one. However, avoid abusing the quantity and introducing it internally — again, the recommendation is to stay only at the “entrance”.

Do specific exercises for the vagina

Under the correct guidance of a gynecologist and/or a pelvic physiotherapist, Kegel exercises (also called “pompoarism”) are excellent for strengthening the pelvic floor area. As benefits, they increase the chances of normal delivery, recover the postpartum region more easily, fight urinary incontinence, prevent bladder fall, favor body awareness, and allow more full and healthy sexuality. The starting point, roughly speaking, is to imitate the contraction that women make in the vagina when they want to hold the pee – that is why this intimate gymnastics requires guidance because done in the wrong way can generate urinary tract infections, among other ailments.

Prefer cotton panties

Cotton is a natural fabric that allows for local ventilation. So it is highly recommended, since humid and warm environments favor fungal and bacterial proliferation. It is not to eliminate the panties produced with lycra from the drawer, but to use them sparingly and on special occasions, as they get very hot.

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False start in bed, or premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is defined as a disorder involving ejaculation in too fast time than the person interested wishes. According to the best sexologist in Delhi, problems affect even every third man and are most common in people who start sex life.

Dysfunction, which hinders sexual life and does not give satisfaction to both partners, can lead to the breakup of a relationship, depressive mood disorders, unwillingness to bond with someone and have sexual intercourse. In order to be able to assess the severity of the disorder, one had to look for some easy-to-assess parameter that would specifically classify the problem. This is how the term IELT (intravaginal ejaculation delay time) was created – this is the time measured from vaginal penetration to ejaculation. Time below fifteen seconds indicates a serious disorder, between fifteen seconds and one minute, means moderate, between one and two minutes mild.

Causes of premature orgasm

The causes of premature ejaculation are: rare sexual contact (this does not always have to worry – it often happens that the discharge of accumulated sexual tension after a long time manifests itself just as premature ejaculation), masturbation conditions, excessive sensitivity of the glans penis, narcissism or improper attitude to women, neurological disorders, traumatic sexual initiation experiences, urinary tract infections and others. So, as you can see, there are many reasons and often they have a very diverse basis.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Sexologists in Delhi  Help should be sought from a sexologist doctor in Delhi, sometimes a psychological consultation is required. Pharmacological agents and dietary supplements are often used.

The basic drugs used in premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi include short-acting phosphodiesterase inhibitors. If the problem is caused by excessive sensory sensitivity of the penis glans, special anaesthetics are applied a few minutes before intercourse or specially designed condoms (you can use two condoms at the same time). There is also talk about the positive effects of specially developed masturbation methods – their disadvantage is that the effects come after a long time, and the technique itself requires the regularity and cooperation of both partners.

Sometimes psychotherapy, both individual and partner, is very effective.

There are a whole bunch of quite effective methods that will help fight the problem of premature ejaculation. So if the methods used on your own fail, you should not be afraid to contact a sexologist in Delhi who will examine the problem, find its cause and advise on an effective method of fighting. It is important to seek help quickly so that you do not fall into a vicious cycle of being unable to have intercourse, blaming yourself and giving up the pleasure that a successful partnership can give.

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As in women, in men, there are a series of changes with age. The so-called 40s crisis is usually the beginning of the changes that become even more acute. This is especially true of male sex life, and therefore many men wonder if male erection loss is a matter of age. In this post, we talk about it.

Age in men’s sexual health

The changes that a man may experience throughout his life can depend on many factors. Among them is physiological and biological. These factors appear around 45 years of age when the male begins to undergo hormonal changes derived from the natural process of ageing.

These hormonal changes produce a gradual loss of testosterone, commonly known as andropause. In addition to this, an increase in the size of the prostate known as benign prostatic hyperplasia also begins to occur in many cases.

All these male pathologies, in turn, affect the sexual health of men. For this reason, it is common that from the age of 45 there are also changes in sexual life such as changes in appetite or sexual desire, ejaculation disorders or erectile dysfunction or impotence. However, this does not happen in all men nor does it happen in the same way.

Sometimes these signs of ageing appear later in life, and in fact, most often, both andropause and benign prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction appear more pronounced around the age of 50 and over.

The most frequent male erection problems

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the most frequent erection problem among men over 40 years. Among the causes that produce it, we can find organic or physiological factors and psychological factors.

The psychological factors should be treated specifically with a sexologist in Delhi who can provide guidance to both the patient and her partner should have it. In contrast, organic causes tend to have different origins, although some are more prevalent than others. Thus, there are different causes:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. They are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction and refers to all those patients who suffer cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes or cholesterol as well as obesity. These causes have very effective treatments today like shock waves for impotence.
  • Some drugs or medications that produce erectile dysfunction as an adverse effect because they prevent the proper functioning of the male erection. Special reference is made to sleeping pills, antidepressants and even some medications for blood pressure or heart.
  • The andropause and testosterone deficiency can also cause erectile dysfunction but can treat this case without problems.
  • The consumption of alcohol or drugs can produce impotence as well and not only affect the erection but also sexual desire.

In any case, when faced with an erection problem, it is advisable to go to the best sexologist in Delhi to find its cause and its subsequent solution. At Dr. P K Gupta Super Specialty Clinic, we know these pathologies and their treatments very well and, in addition, our sexologist doctor in Delhi is specialized in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, which is why we offer a comprehensive treatment of erectile dysfunction.   

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Infertility in Men

Male infertility is the reason for 30% of cases of infertility among couples. The main reasons are:

  • Decrease in the number of sperm, as the man gets older;
  • Little sperm mobility;
  • Abnormal sperm;
  • Absence of sperm production;
  • Vasectomy;
  • Difficulty in sexual intercourse;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.

A spermogram is performed to detect the reason for male infertility, an examination in which semen is evaluated. In macroscopic analysis, characteristics such as color, odor, viscosity, volume and pH are observed. In microscopy, sperm concentration, motility and morphology are identified.

One of the most common problems for the production of healthy sperm is the excessive increase in temperature inside the testicles. This can occur due to diseases such as cryptorchidism (irregular positioning of the testicles) and varicocele (varicose veins in the scrotum region), in addition to cases in which the permanence of man in high ambient temperatures alters the quality of the semen produced.

Problems with spermatogenesis can also be caused by changes such as orchitis (testicular inflammation) or by various endocrine diseases that alter the production of pituitary hormones that stimulate the production of sperm in the testicles.

On the other hand, there are several types of infectious processes, tumors and congenital malformations, which can alter the anatomy and obstruct the channels that transport sperm from the testicles to the outside. The total or bilateral obstruction of these channels, namely the epididymides and vas deferens, can cause infertility in man. In some cases, correction surgery solves the problem of infertility.

Some sexually transmitted infections that affect the ejaculation channel, such as infections caused by bacteria (chlamydia, ureaplasma), trichomoniasis or gonorrhea can alter sperm rates.

Finally, anatomical or functional problems that prevent the proper deposit of semen inside the vagina through intercourse, as with hypospadias, erection disorders and premature ejaculation, can also favor male infertility.

According to the cause of male infertility, the sexologist doctor in Delhi will indicate the appropriate treatment and the ideal procedure to be adopted.

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The strongest aphrodisiacs for men

Meet the natural aphrodisiacs for men: fruits, spices, and seafood. Check which ones will increase potency, increase libido, and inflame desire. Here is a list of the most effective aphrodisiacs for men.

Scientists are still studying the power of aphrodisiacs – agents that have been attributed to sexual stimulation for centuries. And if so, it’s worth trying them. After all, these opinions about some herbs, fruits, vegetables, or many other products came from nothing. So let’s know that they can work differently. There are those that arouse lust in both sexes and those that act more on one sex. Those that will not hurt even in excess and those that should be used in moderation. Particular care should be taken with any specifics purchased over the internet or even in sex shops, especially since not all of them are provided with information leaflets.

Aphrodisiacs for men: seafood

  • Oysters – the news is that Casanova ate 50 of them for breakfast … But in essence, it is not about oysters, but about the zinc and other compounds contained in them, increasing the level of testosterone in the blood. Instead of oysters, you can reach for sunflower seeds, pumpkin, or eat a slice of turkey meat (darker part). And higher testosterone levels mean more desire for sex, better libido.
  • Shrimps – are considered aphrodisiacs not only due to the high content of zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium but also for their refined taste. Served during a romantic dinner, with the addition of aromatic spices, due to their erotic shapes, they will awaken the imagination.

Aphrodisiacs for men: spices

  • Nutmeg – in the Middle Ages it was used as a means of potency, it gained the reputation of “lovers’ spice”. The man who eats this spice is said to immediately feel like sex. But beware, just a pinch to achieve the effect, and a larger amount can cause hallucinations.
  • Ginger – the most effective is when consumed raw, but dried also works. It stimulates the blood supply to the genitals, increases, and extends the erection. Strengthens sexual experience. Sexologist in Delhi recommended it in combination with honey, garlic, cinnamon and cloves, and nutmeg as an ideal remedy for potency.

Aphrodisiacs for men: fruits

  • Watermelon – it’s a natural viagra. It is best to consume it together with the skin (mixed) or in the form of juice. Already half a glass of such juice will make you crazy.
  • Peaches – called the “breasts of Venus”. They have always been tempting to men. The vitamins and microelements contained in them enhance desire and prolong pleasure. Similarly, although slightly less, apricots and figs work.

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Let’s have sex because it strengthens immunity

Sex is health, and in times of coronavirus, it can also help us strengthen immunity. Therefore – if you are sitting at home – do not hesitate to enjoy its benefits!

Love during the plague is not the simplest, but it is a nice stepping stone. – Love allows it to live together – says Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi.

As it turns out, the love of people can have a different face:

– Yes, there may be a higher birth rate after quarantine, but there are various aspects of staying at home. There are people who lacked the time and now they have time for themselves. This is a satisfied group. The second group is people focused on 50 meters, who have managed so far because they were often not at home. And now they are together, there is high density … Where there is high density, aggression often occurs.

The third group is singles who were already close to meet someone, and now they are on ice. They miss a meeting and being with someone together. Also, remember that there are people who work and their loved ones are at home – says, best sexologist in Delhi.

Emerging depression, for people who are worried about the future, who do not earn – reduces sexual desire. Quarantine does not necessarily mean sexual satisfaction.

Sex on immunity?

Yes! Dr. Gupta says that sexual activity is highly recommended, also for the elderly. Sex improves immunity, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and respiratory systems!

In addition to sex on immunity, we also recommend zinc: Zinc will strengthen immunity, improve hair and nails.

kegel exercise

Kegel muscle exercises for men to strengthen erections

Men also have Kegel muscles and should also exercise them. The condition of the pelvic floor muscles has a big impact on a man’s sexual performance – it strengthens the erection, allows you to control ejaculation, and intensifies orgasm. Check how a man should train his Kegel muscles.

It is a myth that only women should train Kegel muscles – in men these muscles play an equally important role, and their poor condition often causes problems with erection and urination. Gentlemen are buying supplements and drugs to improve sexual performance, not knowing that the source of their ailments may be too weak pelvic floor muscles. And you can train them yourself without spending money on expensive specifics with poorly documented performance.

What role do pelvic floor muscles play in men? How to practice them? Read the article, you’ll learn how to care for it to improve your sex experience.

Men also have Kegel muscles

We rarely train Kegel muscles consciously – most often only when urine retention and excretion.

The mere presence of pelvic floor muscles in men is a silent topic that sexologists in Delhi talk about. Men, unlike women, are not aware of all that they should strengthen them. And Kegel’s muscles need as much attention as they are devoted to exercises such as biceps, chest, or stomach.

Why such a small knowledge of this topic among men? The term “Kegel muscles” is treated as a synonym for pelvic floor muscles in women, because of the most talk about their role in childbirth and urinary incontinence problems. Not without significance is the fact that Arnold Kegel was a gynecologist and developed a method of pelvic floor therapy for his patients suffering from urinary incontinence.

Male Kegel muscles line the pelvis, extending from the coccyx to the pubic bone, and additionally wrap the base of the penis. They are made of striated tissue, which means that we have full control over them (just like e.g. the muscles of the arms or legs), we can shrink and relax them.

The importance of Kegel muscles in men

Arnold Kegel noticed that women who regularly exercise their pelvic floor muscles, in addition to improving the symptoms of urinary incontinence, experience deeper orgasms and are more satisfied with their sex life. This was due to the tightening of the vaginal entrance, more intense contractions during orgasm, and the possibility of moving the internal clitoris. For men, this relationship is equally important, although it applies to slightly different areas of pleasure.

– Erection control is largely muscle control. When Kegel’s muscles are not trained and unable to tighten them, the erection can quickly disappear. Over the years, the erection weakens, the blood drains faster from the member. Men try to remedy this by buying, for example, erection rings that prevent blood from flowing out of the penis – explains Anna Moderska, a sex educator, expert cooperating with the brand Fun Factory, a leading producer of erotic gadgets in the world.

The same effect can be given by regular Kegel muscle exercises – if they are strong, they will work in a similar way as the erection ring.

– One of the pelvic floor muscles is the urethral sphincter muscle, which surrounds the base of the penis. If he is fit, then the man is able to tighten it and to some extent control the length of the erection – adds Anna Moderska.

In summary, pelvic floor muscle exercises for men can give the following results:

  • erection strengthening and lengthening;
  • ejaculation control – the ability to hold an erection and delay ejaculation;
  • intensification of orgasm – suppression of ejaculation causes an increase in sensations during orgasm;
  • avoiding urination problems.

How should men train Kegel’s muscles?

For both men and women, pelvic floor muscle training looks the same: imagine we feel the urge to urinate and tighten the muscles of the perineum with all our might, as if we wanted to stop ourselves. We keep counting to 5-10 and relax. We do 3 sets of 10 reps. We do the whole training 4 times a day. The advantage of the exercises is the fact that you can do them anywhere and at any time.

It is worth adding that yoga exercises give good results in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Men can also do them.

How do you know that your pelvic floor muscles are weak?

  • when passing urine, you don’t pass it in one stream, but in short sections;
  • after urination, there is a longer dripping of urine from the coil – the bladder does not empty completely, which can lead to bladder infection and prostate problems;
  • you have trouble maintaining an erection.
male infertility treatment in Delhi

Diseases that affect Fertility in men

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, the number of men who have too few sperm, or the quality of these spermatozoa is too low for fertilization without treatment by sexologist in Delhi.

Male fertility is mainly harmed by a sedentary lifestyle, testicular overheating, excess alcohol, drugs (especially cocaine, marijuana, morphine), toxic working conditions (e.g. working at high temperatures). Sometimes a lifestyle change is enough to bring fertility back.

Studies on the causes of male infertility are much simpler and cheaper than for women. So do not hesitate to suspect such a problem.

Causes of infertility: sperm is of poor quality

The basic test, in addition to assessing the correctness of genitalia, is semen analysis. They are collected as a result of masturbation, after a minimum of 3 days of sexual abstinence. A healthy, normal ejaculate should have a volume of about 5 ml (teaspoon content), but a range of 2 to 5 ml is allowed. There are 20 to 300 million sperm for each, of which at least 30 percent it should be properly built, and at least 40 percent adequate mobility (average speed not less than 25m / sec).

A single examination does not prejudge infertility. As a rule, the test is repeated after 2-3 months and, if the result is confirmed, further diagnostics and treatment are implemented.

The most common cause of male infertility are disorders related to sperm quality (here, lifestyle, the use of certain medications, e.g. neuroleptics, antidepressants) or testicular damage (testicular torsion, abnormal position, and incorrect penile structure) and age – above 40 years.

Diseases that can affect male fertility


This viral disease, one of the typical for childhood, with painful swelling of the salivary glands, neck and jaw, is very dangerous, and not only because the paramixovirus causing it is extremely contagious (easily spreads through the droplet, but even through breathing or using the same dishes). Mainly because about 1/3 of boys may experience inflammatory testicular swelling after puberty. This is a complication that can cause infertility. Until an effective vaccine was introduced in the 1970s, mumps was a very common disease in children. Today it occurs sporadically. However, it is estimated that around 5 percent vaccine people do not develop the desired immunity. In such cases, complications may also occur, the symptoms of which are high fever (over 39.5 degrees C), vomiting, inflammatory changes or swelling of the testicles, severe headache. The appearance of complications requires prompt medical intervention.

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord

The disease consists of widening, spraining, and lengthening the venous vessels that collect blood from the testis and form so-called scrotum within the scrotum. flagellate weave. This plexus is part of the spermatic cord, in its scrotum, above the testicle. Varicose veins of the spermatic cord are most often found in young men. Appear in about 15 percent. men, mainly on the left (90%). Approx. 30-40 percent of men seeking advice for infertility are patients with varicocele. The causes of the disease are seen in the failure or congenital absence of valves in the nuclear veins. This impairs the outflow of venous blood, which “lies” in the veins, exerting excessive pressure on the flagellate plexus and causing it to widen, lengthen and twist.

Varicose veins cause degenerative changes in the testicles – the testicles become chronically hypoxic, overheated. And so for proper sperm development, the temperature in the scrotum should be 2-3 degrees Celsius lower than in the abdomen. In a patient with varicocele, this temperature difference is only 0.1 deg. C. And although varicose veins of the cord occur basically on one side, degenerative changes often affect both testicles (the temperature increases throughout the scrotum). Changes in the testicles reduce the total sperm count and increase the percentage of abnormal sperm.

Kallmann syndrome

This is a genetic disorder characterized mainly by the lack or impairment of smell, but also by delayed puberty or even its absence. Men with Kallmann syndrome have very small testicles, a small penis, very low testosterone levels, and absent olfactory bulbs. The cause of the disease is a deficiency in the secretion of gonadoliberin – gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). If Kallmann’s syndrome is diagnosed over 16 years of age, eunuchoid proportions of body structure often occur. The shoulder span may exceed 6 cm in height, and the ratio of upper to lower body may be reduced.

Kallmann syndrome gives a fairly good therapeutic prognosis when it comes to the preservation of secondary sexual characteristics, fertility is slightly worse. Patients with testicular sizes over 2.5 cm have a better prognosis.

Pituitary gland failure

Pituitary gland diseases (e.g. pituitary adenoma ) are often associated with gonadotropin deficiency. sterility.

Sexually transmitted infections

As a result of sexually transmitted infections, mainly caused by Chlamydia trachomatis or Mycoplasma hominis, complications can develop that can lead to permanent infertility. Infections with other bacteria can also lead to the maturation of abnormal sperm. Inflammation of the testicles and epididymis, caused by the penetration of e.g. E.coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Ureaplasmaeuraelyticum, can lead to fibrosis in the testicles, which will reduce them and even disappear.

Inflammation of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles

This disease can prevent sexual intercourse and also lead to adverse changes in semen, significantly reducing the ability of sperm to fertilize.


Diabetes, nephritis, tuberculosis, pancreas, thyroid, and liver diseases – these general diseases are also, although to a lesser extent, a risk factor for male infertility. Chemo and radiation therapy also leads to changes in fertility. Therefore, before possible irradiation or treatment with chemistry, it is worth freezing the semen.