Sexual Desire Disorder In Men
February 25, 2021
Sexual Desire Disorder In Men

Sexual Desire Disorder In Men

A generalized idea and assumed by all are that men always have a remarkable sexual desire that has nothing to do with that of women. However, this maxim is not true at all because it is very common, more than you can imagine, what is known as sexual desire disorder in men.

Under this denomination is protected a decrease or an absolute loss of libido on the part of the individual of the masculine gender. And it can be produced by a wide number of factors, both physical and mental.


Thus, among the most frequent causes that cause a disorder of sexual desire in men are, for example, stress, anxiety, routine within the couple, the intake of medications such as antidepressants, endocrine pathologies, hormonal deficiencies …

In this way, for one or more reasons, it is common for men, at some point in their life, to suffer the well-known disorder of sexual desire in men that has several modalities. In this sense, we have to emphasize that one of the best known and most common is the so-called disorder of sexual desire in hypoactive or inhibited men, which is characterized by the fact that the individual who suffers it does not have sexual needs either as a couple or alone, not he manages to get aroused in situations that at another time in his life would have raised his libido and he also has no fantasies.

All this can lead to the man feeling anguish and being worried not only about himself but also about his relationship with his partner. However, it is important to make it clear that a sexual desire disorder in men is a problem that can be solved by carrying out the corresponding low sex desire treatment in Delhi, taking into account the causes that originate it, where hormonal methods take center stage to other necessary measures such as good communication with your partner and a healthy life, says sexologist in Delhi.

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