aphrodisiacs for men
June 20, 2020
aphrodisiacs for men

The strongest aphrodisiacs for men

Meet the natural aphrodisiacs for men: fruits, spices, and seafood. Check which ones will increase potency, increase libido, and inflame desire. Here is a list of the most effective aphrodisiacs for men.

Scientists are still studying the power of aphrodisiacs – agents that have been attributed to sexual stimulation for centuries. And if so, it’s worth trying them. After all, these opinions about some herbs, fruits, vegetables, or many other products came from nothing. So let’s know that they can work differently. There are those that arouse lust in both sexes and those that act more on one sex. Those that will not hurt even in excess and those that should be used in moderation. Particular care should be taken with any specifics purchased over the internet or even in sex shops, especially since not all of them are provided with information leaflets.

Aphrodisiacs for men: seafood

  • Oysters – the news is that Casanova ate 50 of them for breakfast … But in essence, it is not about oysters, but about the zinc and other compounds contained in them, increasing the level of testosterone in the blood. Instead of oysters, you can reach for sunflower seeds, pumpkin, or eat a slice of turkey meat (darker part). And higher testosterone levels mean more desire for sex, better libido.
  • Shrimps – are considered aphrodisiacs not only due to the high content of zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium but also for their refined taste. Served during a romantic dinner, with the addition of aromatic spices, due to their erotic shapes, they will awaken the imagination.

Aphrodisiacs for men: spices

  • Nutmeg – in the Middle Ages it was used as a means of potency, it gained the reputation of “lovers’ spice”. The man who eats this spice is said to immediately feel like sex. But beware, just a pinch to achieve the effect, and a larger amount can cause hallucinations.
  • Ginger – the most effective is when consumed raw, but dried also works. It stimulates the blood supply to the genitals, increases, and extends the erection. Strengthens sexual experience. Sexologist in Delhi recommended it in combination with honey, garlic, cinnamon and cloves, and nutmeg as an ideal remedy for potency.

Aphrodisiacs for men: fruits

  • Watermelon – it’s a natural viagra. It is best to consume it together with the skin (mixed) or in the form of juice. Already half a glass of such juice will make you crazy.
  • Peaches – called the “breasts of Venus”. They have always been tempting to men. The vitamins and microelements contained in them enhance desire and prolong the pleasure. Similarly, although slightly less, apricots and figs work.