sexual dysfunction in women
May 2, 2020
sexual dysfunction in women

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

What is sexual dysfunction?

It is a term that refers to any sex-related problems. It can be suffered by both men and women. The best sexologist in Delhi is a health professional who can treat such problems. There are four types of sexual problems in women.

  • Desire Disorders: If you are not interested in having sex or have less desire to have sex than you had before.
  • Awakening Disorders: It refers to the lack of sexual response in your body, or when you cannot stay excited.
  • Orgasm Disorders: When you can’t achieve an orgasm, or you have pain during it.
  • Disorders that cause pain during sex: If you experience pain during or after sex.

What causes sexual dysfunction?

Many things can cause problems in your sex life. Certain medications such as oral contraceptives and chemotherapy drugs, diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, excessive alcohol use, or vaginal infections can cause sexual problems. Depression, interpersonal relationship problems, or abuse (current or past) can also cause sexual dysfunction.

You may have less desire during pregnancy, immediately after delivery, or while you are nursing. After menopause, many women feel less sexual desire, have vaginal dryness or pain during intercourse (penetration of the penis into the vagina), due to the decrease of a body hormone called estrogen.

The stress of everyday life can also affect your ability to have sex. Being tired from a day of hard work or caring for young children can affect your sex drive. Either you may be bored by a sex routine that has lasted a long time, or by a little “wise” companion on this ground.

What to do?

If desire is the problem, try to change your usual routine. Try to have sex at different times of the day or rehearse a different sexual position.

Awakening disorders, talking to your partner, perhaps the problem lies in a lack of practice, as a prolemenous relationship.

If you have trouble reaching an orgasm you may rush to achieve that end, thus interrupting your personal rhythm; it is also possible that it blurs the problem by thinking that the sexual act consists only of orgasm, so the persecution of this as the sole purpose, will cause that it is not achieved.

If you are having pain during sex, they can often improve with the use of a vaginal cream or sexual lubricant for dryness, try different positions, a warm water bath before sex can help.

Do I have a problem?

Up to 70% of couples have sexual problems at some point in their relationship. Most women will have sex that doesn’t satisfy them at some point in their lives. This does not necessarily mean that you have a sexual problem.

If you don’t want to have sex or if the sex you have never satisfies you might have a sexual problem.

Discuss your concerns with the sexologist in Delhi. It can always help you find the causes and find ways to solve the problem.

Can therapy help me?

Yes, however, each person needs personalized attention.

Go to a sexologist in Delhi, why don’t you find out? Do you know how your life would change if you renewed your sex? Or will it improve them?

What about my partner?

Talk to your partner about what everyone likes if you don’t know how to approach the topic, help with a sexologist in Delhi.

Perhaps they are missing experiences that they both want and by not expressing them, they are suppressing them.

Maybe we need to adjust rhythms.

Don’t forget that the brain is the first and most important sex organ, and fantasy your most powerful weapon.