premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi
April 24, 2020
premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi

What Is Premature Ejaculation And How Can It Affect Your Life?

What is premature ejaculation? Basically, it occurs when a man can’t properly control his ejaculation and comes earlier than he wants.

Premature ejaculators quickly arouse, causing involuntary ejaculation as soon as they reach the level of sexual arousal.

The diagnosis of premature ejaculation should depend not only on how quickly a man ejaculates, or how the couple responds, but on the quality of ejaculatory control that must be natural, easy and voluntary.

3 Definitions of premature ejaculation

There are many different ways to think about this topic. Below you can read 3 different definitions: the simple definition of time, the definition of gap, and the definition of impact.

Simple definition of time

Many people judge premature ejaculation (also called “PE”) based on how long they last in bed.

If a person regularly lasts 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or less than 1 minute in bed, then it is safe to say that they have PEs.

But what if you last 2 minutes?

Well, now we’re in a kind of gray zone with this definition. You might think that 2 minutes is not long, but studies have shown that the average man lasts 2 to 6 minutes. That would mean that the average man – at the lower end of the “average” – has premature ejaculation.

The definition of gap

Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum: 6 minutes. That sounds great, doesn’t it? In fact, when we are talking about the definition of gap, you could classify an average duration of 6 minutes as PE. And here’s why.

The average woman needs between 5 and 15 minutes of sex to have an orgasm. Meanwhile, men last 2 to 6 minutes.

You’re probably starting to see why PE is such a common sexual problem; 40% to 50% of men suffer from premature ejaculation.

If you currently have a duration of 4 minutes in bed but your wife needs 5 to 15 minutes to have an orgasm, then you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

The definition of impact

In our opinion, this is the best definition of premature ejaculation. This definition reads: “If your inability to last longer in bed is causing a negative impact on your life or relationship, then you have premature ejaculation and should seek a solution.”

An individual who lasts 15 seconds during sex obviously has a sexual problem, and often says to himself: “This is having a negative impact on my life. I want to do something about it.”

Another guy could last 5 or 10 minutes on average, but he’s not able to give an orgasm to the woman and feels this negatively affects him. This person also suffers from PE, as their sex life is affected by their poor sexual performance.

Simply put, premature ejaculation is not an issue that can be defined as a dictionary term. Regardless of duration, if this condition harms your mental and emotional state, you should seek treatment to cure premature ejaculation.

Primary or secondary?

This sexual problem can be classified as primary or secondary premature ejaculation.

Primary premature ejaculation

It would be considered primary if you have the climax within 1 minute of starting the copulation. Obviously, this can contribute to a brutal lack of sexual confidence and can occasionally result in a man avoiding sex altogether.

These are the most serious cases, as a man’s sex life can be completely thwarted. In addition, there may be physiological as well as psychological causes.

Secondary premature ejaculation

Secondary premature ejaculation is something more like what was mentioned earlier in the definition of impact: having a climax before the couple has had a chance to have orgasm.

The man may have an average sexual duration, but it is not enough to satisfy his sexual partner, and this causes him problems.

You can still enjoy a reasonably satisfying sex life, but you definitely have to improve to have a full sex life.

Is premature ejaculation really a problem?

Ejaculating quickly is not a problem for all men or all their partners. Some men don’t mind coming quickly once they have entered a woman’s vagina and some women don’t bother about the lack of control of their sexual partners.

A number of men simply accept their lack of control. They don’t let this spoil their sexual pleasure and, in fact, many of these men have active sex lives.

Similarly, some women accept the rapid ejaculation of their partners and are pleased with other aspects of the sexual act, such as oral sex. In addition, other women can keep up with their partner by learning to reach the climax quickly.

Some men with premature ejaculation are sensual and skilled lovers who know how to stimulate their partner through contact manually or orally, before sex or after ejaculating, or before and after, so that their rapid ejaculations do not interfere with the sexual pleasure of their partner.

But it is more common for premature ejaculation to be a source of distress for man and his partner as well. And, unless both are sympathetic and mature, this condition can have a destructive impact on a partner’s sex life and can eventually threaten their entire relationship.

Popular remedies

If you’ve done a quick online search, then you know there are many natural ways to avoid premature ejaculation.

Some of these options include extra-thick condoms, desensitizing creams, sex therapy, Kegel exercises, topical creams, and reprogramming of ejaculation triggers.

The good news is this: the problem of premature ejaculation is relatively widespread, but most importantly it is treatable and most of the time it is not necessary to consult a sexologist in Delhi.

If you come to understand WHY you’re ending too soon during intercourse, you can use the most appropriate remedies to fix your ejaculation problems forever and enjoy the ultimate long-lasting sexual experience.

Should you seek medical attention?

If after trying several remedies to avoid premature ejaculation, this problem continues to cause tremendous difficulty in your sex life and that of your partner, you may want to consider seeing the best sexologist in Delhi. It will be able to provide you with advice and a suitable premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi.