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The four words that ensure good sex

Normalizing giving and receiving feedback is essential, according to experts

Communication is not just what we do when we have to present a work in public, give a speech or simply call a friend. Forgetting this information may be damaging your life, in every way, also your sex life. Although speaking is a spontaneous and natural act, this fact quickly gets us used to not paying attention to what we say but, above all, to what we do not say.

Having a healthy sex life often depends on a phrase as simple as it is ignored: have you ever asked the other person what they like? This is the key to sexual pedagogy that many specialists are trying to do today, because in the age of communication it disappears from the most daily actions. Dr. P K Gupta, the best sexologist in Delhi who disseminates his knowledge through blogs, emphasizes the importance of asking, knowing, and engaging in a dialogue that helps bring people closer (even closer) in their sexual relationships.

“In my opinion, one of the hottest things is when a couple asks: ‘Like this?’“, Dr Gupta says in one of his posts. For this sexologist in Delhi, communication is a necessary tool for pleasure, since asking gives rise to experiment: “Having control of sex and letting your partner know when he is doing something right leads to more pleasure and a deeper connection.” Also, ensure that talking during sex improves communication in other areas of your life.

Essential for affection

It is impossible for the other person to know everything about you, not even if it is your partner, because sometimes even you don’t really know what you like and what you don’t, precisely because you ignore the occasional chat. “Some of us hope that our partners intuitively know our sexual desires, but that is rarely possible,” says Dr Gupta in this sense, and many people seem to agree with him.

There are many people who comment on his blogs to reaffirm his message: asking is “essential” also for affection, another basic aspect for a relationship to grow. Without forgetting the macho component that often surrounds this non-practice, as if women do not enjoy sex exactly the same as a man, and in different ways as well.

That is why a sexual education that dialogue, feminist and diverse is so important, because the whole of society depends on it. But do not be overwhelmed, even if sleeping with someone is a political act, perhaps it is that politics is simpler than it seems. Remember: you just have to ask. “Normalize giving and receiving feedback in bed,” as Dr Gupta says.