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What is the ideal time for intercourse

What is the ideal time for intercourse?

When you take action, the stress of performance can take over your body. How long must sexual activity last for your partner to enjoy? A 2005 study reveals the ideal time for intercourse. We tell you everything.

The vaginal sexual act is limited to the period of time during which the man is erect. Contrary to urban legends, it is not these moments that determine the quality of a sexual relationship. Decryption.

30 minutes: it’s too long

A group of sexologists has attempted to define the ideal duration of intercourse. Assessment: penetrating antics lasting 15 to 30 minutes is described as “too long” by the patients. They represent stress for men and boredom for women who admit to being distracted from the activity. According to the analyzes of these researchers, the ideal time for intercourse depends on the nature of the couple and the quality of the foreplay. The majority of study participants said that foreplay is ideal when it represents two-thirds of intercourse.

1 to 2 minutes: it’s too short

Sex is not limited to vaginal penetration. They must be preceded and surrounded by caresses, for certain couples of discussions… Then, a gesture by guiding another, this moment of bodily complicity slides naturally towards the sexual act. According to the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the ideal time for intercourse is not determined by vaginal penetration. However, when it lasts only one to two minutes, women generally describe it as “too short”. The only exceptions: women who have orgasms before or those who manage to have them during this period of time.

7 to 20 minutes: the ideal time

Most of the couples who participated in the study seem to favor sexual activity of about twenty minutes, 7 to 13 minutes of vaginal penetration included. Finally, this study, therefore, recalls what you already knew. The ideal time for intercourse matters less than its quality. In order for it to be appreciated and considered beautiful, the people studied reveal a need for confidence and affection. In other words, the more you love and the more you will feel loved by your partner, the more your sexual intercourse will be fulfilled. More than the duration of your activity, it seems essential to think of giving pleasure to your partner to satisfy him. It is not so much about taking as giving, making love is a sharing much more than a performance.