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See which is the most dangerous sexual position, according to science

Allowing yourself to try new positions causes the routine to be broken and new pleasures to be discovered. Most of the time, these changes in positions help to stimulate different areas, increasing the couple’s pleasure. However, you need to be careful when performing some positions as they can end up hurting or causing discomfort during your current sexual encounter, warns sexologist in Delhi.

A new study, published in the Journal of Impotence Research, looked at the relationship between sexual positions and possible injuries caused by them. According to the investigation, a very common position is among the most dangerous for men.

The research was based on analyzes performed with 90 heterosexual patients, aged between 18 and 66 years, placing them in categories, depending on how they had a penile fracture during sex.

The most dangerous position is the puppy, the one where the woman is on all fours on the bed and the man on his knees is behind her, causing a penile fracture in 41% of cases. In second place is the position of father and mother, with 25% of occurrences. Finally, there is the position in which the woman is on top, approximately 10%.

“We can speculate that, when the man is in a dominant position and very excited, the sexual intercourse can become extremely vigorous, causing a greater impact at the moment of the trauma, when the penis slides out of the vagina and reaches the perineum”, revealed the study authors to The Independent.

In addition, there are other common forms that can cause a penile fracture, such as masturbation (17%) and rolling, when there is a change of position and the person above is below the partner, about 3% of cases.

What is Penile Fracture?

Penile fracture is a relatively rare event, occurring mainly during sexual intercourse (70-80% of cases). However, penile fractures can occur with masturbation (10-15%), falling and/or during sleep, in its REM phase (deepest sleep phase when we usually dream) by rolling over the bed in erection (10-15%).

During penetration, when the couple moves, the penis leaves the vagina and the penis presses on a firm perineal structure, causing an acute curvature of the penis. that provides erection).

Many patients report that they hear a crackle (80% of cases), followed by pain and rapid loss of erection, with discolouration and swelling at the site where the white rupture occurred.