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Sex Positions

Questions and Answers About Sex Positions

One of the topics of greatest interest to men and women in relation to their sexuality is that of sexual positions. And somehow underlying the belief that one of the most outstanding virtues of a good lover is precisely the mastery of coital skills: exciting postures and movements, time control, and knowledge of almost acrobatic variants.

Beyond the fact that there are also quite a few false beliefs on this question, we think it is interesting to summarize the most frequently asked questions about it and, of course, answer them.

Is it true that there are hundreds of sexual positions, or is it just a myth?

Although the variants are almost innumerable when we use our imagination and vary the angle of the bodies, the location of the hands and legs or use resources such as cushions, chairs or tables, we could summarize the sexual positions – in pairs of men and women – in four groups: the man on top, the woman on top, from the side and the man behind the woman.

Each position has variants, even advantages and disadvantages that we will analyze later, but most of the ways in which we position ourselves in sex are within this classification.

How much does sexual posture influence a woman to reach orgasm?

Despite what many men believe, despite the fact that it can produce a lot of pleasure and excitement, vaginal penetration is not the best mechanism for most women to reach orgasm. As the clitoris – particularly the glans – is the erogenous zone with the greatest sensitivity, its direct stimulation is essential for approximately half of women, and this type of stimulation does not usually occur in coital friction.

That said, although there are some complementary postures, movements, or stimuli for a woman to reach orgasm, it is very important to develop erotic skills related to stimulating the clitoris such as caresses, oral sex, or the incorporation of sex toys. Therefore, if we broaden the concept of what a good lover is, it would be much broader than just mastering various sexual positions, rhythms, and times. Eroticism is an art more than a marathon.

What is assisted orgasm and what posture does this technique facilitate?

The female assisted orgasm consists of the stimulation of the clitoris while having intercourse. This stimulus can be produced with caresses (with your own hands, those of the partner or both) and also with a vibrator, preferably small and easy to use. Considering the characteristics of a woman’s orgasm, especially the predominance of the clitoris as its trigger, it is a technique that is very important to learn and perfect.

The most suitable coital postures for this maneuver are: the woman sitting on top of the man, who can be sitting on a chair, or lying on his back. In this case, the most practical thing is for her to use her own hands. And the lateral postures are also comfortable, which allows manual stimulation of any of the parts in a comfortable and effective way. It is interesting to incorporate a small vibrator as it facilitates and enhances sexual stimulation, achieving faster and more intense orgasms.

What position facilitates the ejaculatory control of the man?

There are always personal preferences or experiences, but in general, it is the female or Andromeda superior. Except in the case in which the couple’s movements are very exciting, in general in this position the man feels less pressure from the vagina on his penis, and his body is also relaxed -something that facilitates the control of ejaculation-.

Another variant is the lateral position, that is to say on the side, which basically raises two options: to be in front of the couple, or with the back behind them (this variant is what we know as a spoon ). Both can be visually exciting, but they do not allow as vigorous movement as other positions which favor control.

Finally, we have the missionary posture known as the classic, with the man on top. In general, it leads to a race to orgasm, but for some men, it allows an almost millimeter control of movements and that can be key when it comes to mastering the timing of sex.

And which position would be the most difficult for control instead?

In general, it is what is called the puppy, a really wild and primitive posture. It is so exciting for the average man – both visually and genitally – that it is usually performed when the moment of climax has arrived. It is even the one we recommend the most for those men with difficulties to ejaculate, particularly with a variant: the couple lies face down, he penetrates her vaginally and she then closes her legs, causing an extremely exciting pressure on the penis.

What posture would you recommend to maintain good penile rigidity?

At this point, we enter a much more subjective zone of sexual preferences, experiences, and techniques. For example, if the man tends to get turned on by the partner’s breasts, having her on top can be an excellent and almost infallible stimulus. While for others that same posture generates an inhibitory effect by producing less genital sensations than others, or because it implies less control of coital movements.

Therefore, sexologist in Delhi recommends that each man ask himself: What sexual stimulus produces the most psychological and visual excitement? What type of movement, rubbing, or position improves my erectile capacity? And then knowing the particular erotic map will be easier to find the indicated position.