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Sexual Relationships

Sexual Relationships And Couple

Sexual relations are something that is part of the life of a couple. It is very normal that passion and sexual desire are more intense at the beginning of the relationship. However, this passion often diminishes over time and causes a lack of sexual desire or loss of sex drive and libido.


Sex with a partner is a way of relating and maintaining the mutual bond, therefore it is not healthy that sex is purely routine, but a way of enjoying together. In addition, sexual relations are very healthy for both the body and the mind.

There is no secret to keeping your sensuality and sexual desire alive. The main thing is to keep communication alive and share the wishes and concerns of the other.

In addition to this, you can resort to generating new situations that are not used to giving, such as having sex in places in the house where it is not customary to do. It is also fun to start the sexual act with some unusual foreplay, such as performing a “striptease” to the partner, playing with food, or doing an erotic massage. For this, it is convenient to know how the couple likes to receive the massage so that it is the most pleasant and stimulating.

Apart from the sexual act, there are many possibilities that stimulate the relationship and can help us improve sexual desire. For example, bathing together with the bathroom lights off and candles lit around them, which can be accompanied by scented bath salts. Thinking back to communication between the two of you, it can be fun exchanging racy text messages before physically meeting your partner, or even having a phone conversation explaining what we want to do when we meet.

And for those who are looking for other ways to have sex, a good idea is to visit a Sex Shop together and choose some type of toy to use in bed. In these shops there are almost always news that help us discover new ways of relating. The more daring would also like to play domination in bed. It can be done without having to buy any gadget and with total safety, for example by tying the wrists with a tie or covering the couple’s eyes with a handkerchief. From here the fantasy of each couple can go anywhere.

In short, starting from the base of maintaining good communication between the couple, the possibilities of getting new stimuli for sex are practically infinite and only depend on the imagination of each one, but in some cases it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of professionals and specialists such as the Dr P K Gupta, best sexologist in Delhi, who will be able to determine what psychological and physiological factors are causing the lack of libido and sexual drive in the couple.

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