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Erection Problems During Sex

Erection Problems During Sex

Ouch, my man no longer has confidence in him sexually! What if it was related to erection problems? Indeed, men do not feel successful if their erection is not up to par.

Lack of confidence = erection problems

Nine in ten men believe that a lack of sexual confidence can have a negative effect on non-sexual aspects of their lives.

Indeed, a majority of Indians consider that the lack of sexual confidence leads to a more general lack of confidence.

65% of Indians observe a decrease or even a loss of their insurance after an insufficiently rigid erection during sexual intercourse.

51% experience a decrease in sexual pleasure and 47% are less confident in their life in general.

Erection problems = personal problems

66% of Indians questioned believe that erectile dysfunction represents an inability to obtain and maintain an erection sufficient.

Less than one in two (49%) think that treating erectile dysfunction allows men to live normal lives.

45% think that erectile dysfunction is linked to a depressive state, lack of confidence, or insurance. 13% think that erectile dysfunction is only psychological.

The more I trust myself, the more I satisfy you

Being able to satisfy your sexual partner is most often associated with sexual confidence, for 79% of Indians.

83% of Indian people observe a link between the satisfaction of the sexual partner and sexual confidence.

Erection + orgasm = confidence

For 34% of Indians, this confidence is linked to the orgasm reached with each sexual intercourse.

33% of Indians consider that this sexual confidence is linked to a completely rigid erection.

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