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Sexual Problems Have A Solution

Sexual problems are commonplace. Both sexuality and the art of living as a couple remain outstanding subjects in the 21st century. No one has brought us up in good condition to enjoy relationships and satisfactory sexuality. That’s why sometimes things happen that we don’t understand and problems appear. This is a common one but you have a solution by going to the right sexologist in Pitampura.

Sexual problems are mostly due to psychological causes: anxiety and stress, fears of not responding properly, lack of information, and ignorance can lead to various problems that, if left untreated, often worsen and lead to incommunicado and the crisis of the same partner.


Many problems such as premature ejaculation, difficulties in getting or maintaining an erection, including decreased sex drive or libido, can arise from a single episode where some kind of “sexual failure” has occurred. Anxiety, along with the fear of recurrence, causes the problem to become worse. Treating it early will help a speedy recovery.

There is also delayed ejaculation which consists of a blockage of orgasm and the inability to ejaculate. Men have their normal desire, arousal and erection but feel a blockage in the final phase and do not reach orgasm.

Many women also have a hard time reaching orgasm or have never felt it and find themselves lost with their sexual partner who seems to demand to have it or feel bad if it doesn’t happen. Apart from this, difficulties and pain in penetration can happen for various causes and, if left unhelpful, can lead to a rejection of sex and the affectation of libido by reducing the desire and desire to have sex, warns the best sexologist in Pitampura.


Living full and fulfilling sexuality is a fundamental right of every person. If we talk about women, we must indicate that the existence of a sexual model excessively focused on penetration and orgasm, makes many of them intend to enjoy this way and force themselves, even without wishing, to adapt to male erotica.

For this reason, difficulties in penetration, discomfort and pain in intercourse (which can lead to a (vaginismus)and problems reaching orgasm (anorgasmia), along with the lack or blockage of sexual desire occur frequently.

It is very important to understand that enjoying sex involves taking into account the sexual needs of both people and that sometimes women and men may have different desires or preferences. The incommunicado reference to sexual issues is frequent within the couple and this lack of dialogue about preferences, tastes or even aspects that may displease or provoke rejection, means that we do not know how to give and share the pleasure to each other and satisfactorily on many occasions.


When to ask for help? When he feels that on his own means he can’t solve the sexual problem or the difficulties of communicating with his partner. You don’t have to feel bad about needing help, even on these intimate and personal issues.

Sexual problems have a solution. Although a person or partner knows they have a sexual difficulty, they may have doubts about when it’s time to ask for help from sexologist doctor in Pitampura.

This usually happens when you feel that everything that could be tried has been tested and a reasonable time has passed where that sexual problem continues to happen and you continue to suffer from it.

Many people still give up asking for specialized help out of shame or modesty. They even think that the most intimate problems have no solution or that things should be like this.

The best sexologist in Pitampura has resources to help solve all these sexual problems through sex therapy. Many people are benefiting from it and regaining their lost sexual well-being. Relying on an experienced sexologist in Delhi is important and the first step in asking for help means starting to find the solution.

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Sexual And Physical Changes Occurring As We Age

Gender and sexuality involve many aspects: affection, love, respect, warmth, sharing, and addiction (obligations). These gifts are the right of the youngest as well as of the older adults.

Two aspects of sexuality are touched upon in this blog: the changes that occur with age and suggestions of adaptability to these changes.

For most healthy adults, pleasure and interest in sex should not diminish with age. Age is not a plausible reason to give up the sexual practices that people enjoy throughout their lives. However, some minor adjustments may be necessary to accommodate any physical limitations or the consequences of different diseases or medications.

Physical changes commonly encountered in men

  • the male sexual appetite begins to change after the age of 50 years. However, a man’s sexual behavior is most likely affected by his or her health status or attitude towards sex and intimacy that changes with age.
  • it may take a longer period of time until the erection is installed and a longer interval between erections is required
  • the erection will be less firm. However, a man who has good blood flow to the penis will be able to achieve a firm enough erection for subsequent sexual intercourse.
  • older men may delay ejaculation for a long period of time.

Physical changes commonly encountered in women

Most of the physical changes occur after menopause and are the result of decreased estrogen levels. These changes can be influenced if the woman is using hormone replacement therapy

  • the woman needs a longer period of time to get excited
  • the skin of the woman can become more sensitive and irritable, causing the handling and the intimate contact to be less pleasant
  • the walls of the vagina become thinner and dry and irritable during sexual intercourse
  • the orgasm can be shortened and the contractions experienced during the orgasm can be uncomfortable.

Not all women face such problems. What you can do is to experiment and find ways for a pleasant active sex life despite physical changes.

Cultural and psychological factors

In addition to physical changes, there are psychological and cultural factors that affect sexuality at older ages. For example, in some cultures, sexuality is associated with a youthful aspect and vigor. Too many people think that if they are older they are less desirable and less sexually active. Older adults can accept these prejudices and adopt the idea that they are not allowed or are not allowed to be sexually active.

Sexual pleasure and love have no age limits. Almost everyone has the capacity to discover throughout their life the pleasure of sexual intercourse. The belief in the myth that older people no longer have an interest in sex is actually the loss of wonderful opportunities. Loneliness caused by one’s choice, divorce or widowhood can also be a problem. As you get older, there is the possibility that the number of people in the same age group from which you could choose a potential partner to reduce. Women or men alone may not know how to express their sexual impulses. Generally speaking, it is preferable to express sexual desires rather than suppress them until they almost no longer exist.

Physical and emotional needs change over time and depending on different circumstances. Intimacy and sexuality may or may not be important for each individual. The problem here is an option. If it is deliberately decided that sex is no longer appropriate, then that is the right decision. A life full of sex-free life is possible. However, if the option to continue an active sex life is chosen, support and encouragement may be required. You may still discover unexploited erogenous areas to be explored.

Maintaining sexual activity

Only exercise is the key to maintaining physical condition, periodic sexual acts constitute the best way to maintain sexual capacity.

It is never too late to start an exercise program and start new sexual relationships. Many older people who have been single for several years discover new satisfying sexual practices with new love relationships. For others, self-stimulation ( masturbation ) is common and does not involve health risks or adverse effects.

There are some additional considerations:

  • to amplify the sexual response, it is recommended by sexologist in Delhi to insist more on the prelude and the direct contact with the genital organs
  • to focus on erogenous areas. Fantasy and imagination help to challenge certain people. To try to induce the mood by using candles and slow music or anything else that could trigger a sexual mood
  • Many drugs, especially antihypertensive drugs, tranquilizers and some drugs used for heart disease, inhibit sexual appetite. It is recommended to consult the doctor regarding these adverse effects. Your doctor may reduce your dose or prescribe other medicines. Do not recommend stopping the medication before consulting your GP
  • If the sexual act becomes uncomfortable due to the vaginal mucus dryness, it is recommended to use vaginal lubricants to reduce irritation. The use of oil-based ointments is not recommended. The sexologist in Delhi may indicate the use of estrogen-containing vaginal creams, which will help improve vaginal tissue changes.
  • Colostomy, mastectomies and other interventions that produce changes in the physical appearance should not be the end of the sexual life. Open communication about fears and expectations related to this aspect can bring partners closer and help them overcome these barriers. If necessary, counseling both partners can help to better adapt to the new situation
  • people with heart disease can enjoy active, satisfying sex life. Most doctors recommend sexual abstinence for a short time after acute myocardial infarction. In the case of angina, consult your sexologist doctor in Delhi if nitroglycerin administration is indicated before intercourse.

Do not take concomitantly with nitroglycerin sildenafil citrate (Viagra)!

  • if arthritis prevents the normal course of sexual intercourse, to experience different positions. Try to place pillows under the thighs. To use the outpatient antiallergic treatment of arthritis
  • moderate alcohol consumption is recommended – small amounts of alcohol can intensify the sexual response by annihilating inhibitions. Consumption of increased amounts of alcohol can diminish sexual performance
  • Prescription drugs that amplify sexual response like sildenafil citrate ( Viagra ) for men and testosterone for women are available. Some people find that herbal products like ginkgo biloba and ginseng enhance their sexual appetite. Both the prescribed and herbal remedies have no adverse effects.

Other aspects of sexuality

Sexuality derives from the actual physical act itself and is a part of every individual. It involves the needs of touch, affection, and intimacy.


Touching is a wonderful and necessary sensation. Newborns who are not touched do not grow well. Children who are untouched develop affective disorders. Touching is equally important for adults. Touching helps us in contact with others and can amplify sexuality

  • massage – professional massage is great, but the simple rubbing of the shoulders and neck can also be very enjoyable. It is recommended to perform a massage by a friend to perform shoulder massage
  • hugs are recommended – everyone needs hugs. Some people are lazy to use hugs, but it is normal to ask, “Would you like a hug?”
  • it is recommended to buy a pet. Caring for a pet can help in discovering the needs of touch. Some studies have shown that people who care for pets live longer.


Giving and receiving affection is a wonderful feeling. If a person has feelings of affection for another, make sure he or she is communicated. If someone expresses their feelings of affection to appreciate. It is never too late to make new friends and to forge long-lasting relationships.


Intimacy is the quality of close physical and emotional contact with another person. Intimacy plays a great protective role against depression. Conversations with a confidant can ease your life problems. It may happen that a loved one who has died cannot be completely replaced, but the intimacy can be reconstructed by the following procedures:

  • focusing attention on children, relatives or old or new friends
  • to look for a person who is in a similar situation. One of the most important benefits of support and counseling groups is that members often become intimate with one another.
  • display an attitude of availability – because people need each other.
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10 Curiosities Related To Sexual Activity

When it comes to sexual activity, most people have different curiosities. In the past, people did not ask their sex questions to which they wanted to be answered on the online forums as it is now. So, a smaller percentage of people discuss such intimate things with their friends or sexologist in Laxmi Nagar.

And most don’t talk too much about their intimate lives, not even with their sexual partners. Before having sexual contact anyone should discuss with the other one about sexual history, risks and the latest analysis he has done to detect sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you practice protected sex?

There is no way to know for sure how many sexual partners a person has, but an even more important thing is to find out if during the sexual acts the condom was used. Although it has decreased lately, however, the percentage of people infected with the HIV virus is still worrying. Besides blood transfusion, unprotected sexual contact remains the highest risk factor.

Even though the treatments for HIV disease have improved, they have evolved considerably in the last years and they allow to extend the life of the patients, there are many people suffering from this disease. There are also other sexually transmitted diseases that are less noticed, such as chlamydia, whose infection rate has increased quite a bit in the last decade.

Did you carry out investigations for sexually transmitted diseases?

There are many unknowns at the beginning of a relationship but the possibility of the presence of sexually transmitted diseases should not be one of them. It is not the most exciting topic that could be discussed before sexual contact, but it is a good idea for both partners to be informed about this.

Of course, there are high chances of not knowing the truth and it can be uncomfortable to ask for written evidence. However, any sexually active person who has had unprotected sexual contact and manifests various symptoms must be treated in order not to transmit the disease to his or her partner.

Is it normal to decrease sexual appetite in the type of marriage?

Many married couples want to know if it is normal for the libido to decline after the relationship has been formalized. The answer is a positive one. However, there are many married couples who can have an active and fulfilled sex life. It is natural for sexual desire to diminish as a person ages, regardless of relationship status.

More than 50% of couples have a relatively poor sex life after age 65. It has been shown that an active healthy life is an indicator of a solid relationship (marriage). Also, the likelihood of extra-marital sexual intercourse decreases as people age. Surveys have shown that married people have more sex each year than their single peers. However, married couples over the age of 70 have on average about 15 sexual contacts, while single people of the same age have less than 10 sexual contacts per year.

It is normal that sexual appetite to decline after marriage, but not immediately but as the partners get older. The libido can be stimulated by including new elements in sexual life, practicing fantasies, changing positions and location or introducing role-playing games.

Should you be worried about his / her pornographic preferences?

It is perfectly normal for adults to watch pornographic material and many happy couples experience this together. It is wrong when one of the partners has a preference for viewing abnormal sexual images: minors, violence, etc.

If, however, the partner is dependent and spends too much time in front of pornographic images, which affects his normal life (personal relationships and work), this aspect becomes a problematic one. On the other hand, if pornography has replaced sexual intercourse in a couple, the intervention of a psychotherapist is necessary.

Why is sex sometimes painful?

Over 30% of women experience discomfort during intercourse, and in 10% of them, the pain is chronic. Some women experience pain at every sexual contact, while in the case of others, this unpleasant symptom may occur suddenly, without having previously manifested. If the sexual act becomes painful (especially if it causes bleeding), this aspect will be discussed as soon as possible, with the gynecologist or urologist.

There are several different causes for painful intercourse: insufficient lubrication, bacterial or fungal infection or endometriosis, inflammation of the urethra or thinning of the vaginal walls, etc. Although the sexologist doctor in Laxmi Nagar must be consulted, until the visit, the following measures can be taken:

  • extension of the prelude
  • use of lubricants
  • avoid sexual intercourse during showering
  • avoid sexual contact, if you do not want to support them
  • avoid anal sex
  • avoid sexual toys that you do not want to use
  • try to find a sexual position that produces pleasure.

Is sexual contact allowed during pregnancy?

The existence of a normal pregnancy should not prevent a healthy sexual relationship. However, for future parents, sexual intercourse could be one of the last things they might want. However, sexual acts can be maintained, without any problem, during pregnancy without problems. However, if there are bleeding or leakage, sexual contact will be avoided and the sexologist in Laxmi Nagar will be discussed urgently.

One of the fears of future parents is that the sexual act could cause a miscarriage. If the mother and baby are healthy, this will not happen and will not trigger premature labor. The cervix blocks access to the uterus during pregnancy so that the fetus is in no way affected by sexual contact, being totally protected. It is normal for couples to hesitate, but they should not be worried if the health of the mother and baby are optimal.

How can women reach orgasm?

During the orgasm, multiple processes take place: blood pressure increases, the vaginal walls contract, and the brain release multiple endorphins. Orgasm can result from any kind of sexual activity, but some may work better for some than for others, depending on the person. A woman can orgasm by stimulating her clitoris, vagina or both. Stimulation of the G-spot, which is located about two centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, above the pubic area, in the abdomen area, can produce an orgasm.

However, it seems that this area is not erogenous for all women. One solution to achieve maximum sexual pleasure would be to stimulate the clitoris before or after sexual activity, through disturbance. Sometimes stress is guilty, and practicing some relaxation techniques can do wonders. Other times it only takes a little diversification, perseverance, imagination, and patience, even from the partner.

Does size matter?

Starting in adolescence, for most men penis size matters. However, men should not worry so much: for women the right size of the sexual partner’s penis is about 13 cm, which is about 1 cm smaller than the average size of most men’s penis.

Also, an overly generous male sexual organ could cause discomfort to the partner when it comes to the mechanics of the sexual act. Regardless of size, however, the hygiene, feelings, and care of the two partners for the preferences of the other person matter.

Some men have difficulty completing sexual intercourse

Some men suffer from delayed ejaculation. Although the fact that they can sustain a sexual act for a long time may seem positive, this is not a pleasant one for those who suffer from this disorder or for their partners. Delayed ejaculation is less common than premature ejaculation but is quite common.

Some of the people affected by this condition do not have an orgasm because, most of the time, it takes more than an hour for the orgasm to be reached and it is completed by ejaculating a small amount of sperm, and sometimes it may be missing. Also, another drawback is the exhaustion of the partner.

Delayed ejaculation has several possible causes, some of physical nature other of psychic nature. Those who repeatedly manifest late ejaculation should consult the best sexologist in Laxmi Nagar for investigations. Various disorders can lead to difficulty in orgasm: diabetes, vascular disorders, spinal cord injury, excessive use of alcohol or drugs, use of antidepressants.

If the sexologist doctor in Laxmi Nagar does not discover any physical cause, the intervention of a psychotherapist will be required. Guilt, stress, emotional trauma, and anxiety can affect a male person physically, including when it comes to his or her sexual performance.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is defined as a type of uncontrolled ejaculation that occurs on average 3 minutes after the beginning of sexual intercourse and can affect a man out of three over the course of their life. Premature ejaculation can occur after minimal stimulation, before penetration or immediately after it.

However, if ejaculation occurs at any time after 4 minutes from the beginning of intercourse, this is normal. Ejaculation that occurs earlier can cause frustration or dissatisfaction for both partners. Premature ejaculation can endanger an intimate relationship. This can be caused by psychological or biological factors.

Emotional traumas, feeling guilty for various reasons, fear of pregnancy or anxiety about performance, excessive alcohol consumption, depression can lead to premature ejaculation. Also, between erectile dysfunction and stress, there is a close connection. Hormonal imbalance or too many neurotransmitters could negatively affect the sex life of a male person. Also, genetic inheritance and thyroid disorders can be blamed for premature ejaculation.

One trick to delay ejaculation is for one of the partners to squeeze between the thumb and forefinger for a few seconds when the moment of ejaculation is approaching. Then there will be a pause of 30 seconds after which the sexual act will resume. The technique can be repeated several times.

There are also some creams (which contain low amounts of anesthetic) or medicines that can delay ejaculation (some medicines used to treat depression or anxiety), but it is advisable that they are prescribed by the sexologist in Delhi.