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sex improves immunity

Let’s have sex because it strengthens immunity

Sex is health, and in times of coronavirus, it can also help us strengthen immunity. Therefore – if you are sitting at home – do not hesitate to enjoy its benefits!

Love during the plague is not the simplest, but it is a nice stepping stone. – Love allows it to live together – says Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi.

As it turns out, the love of people can have a different face:

– Yes, there may be a higher birth rate after quarantine, but there are various aspects of staying at home. There are people who lacked the time and now they have time for themselves. This is a satisfied group. The second group is people focused on 50 meters, who have managed so far because they were often not at home. And now they are together, there is high density … Where there is high density, aggression often occurs.

The third group is singles who were already close to meet someone, and now they are on ice. They miss a meeting and being with someone together. Also, remember that there are people who work and their loved ones are at home – says, best sexologist in Delhi.

Emerging depression, for people who are worried about the future, who do not earn – reduces sexual desire. Quarantine does not necessarily mean sexual satisfaction.

Sex on immunity?

Yes! Dr. Gupta says that sexual activity is highly recommended, also for the elderly. Sex improves immunity, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and respiratory systems!

In addition to sex on immunity, we also recommend zinc: Zinc will strengthen immunity, improve hair and nails.