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habits that can harm male sexual health

Habits that can harm male sexual health

Sexual life is of great importance in men’s health, as it helps in physical fitness, pleasure and well-being, for example. Therefore, it takes a lot of care and attention, as there are several factors that can directly affect male sexual health and, therefore, we must pay attention to avoid a headache in the future.

What can affect male sexual health

Lack of Physical Activity/Sedentary lifestyle

The lack of physical activity leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which is a threat in any situation, as well as to male sexual health. This increases the chances of developing some heart diseases and obesity, which affect a man’s sex life.

In addition, the sedentary man finds it difficult to do activities that require some kind of effort, such as sex, which can make him discouraged, decrease sexual interest or increase the difficulty of performing well in bed.

Psychological Problems such as Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Stress is one of the great enemies of male sexual health because, when chronic, it raises cortisol levels and decreases the production of testosterone, the main male hormone, which can result in erectile dysfunction. In addition, it can increase fatigue, leading to indisposition at the time of intercourse.

Depression decreases sexual interest, affecting performance. Finally, anxiety leads to nervousness, which hinders erection and increases the risk of premature ejaculation due to excess adrenaline production. Situations like this increase anxiety in the face of a possible failure in the sexual act, which leads to a repetitive cycle.

Bad eating habits

Eating fatty foods, in addition to increasing the risk of obesity, which affects men’s sexual performance, also helps to reduce testosterone production, compromising men’s desire.

In addition, fatty foods can clog the veins and arteries, impairing blood circulation throughout the body, including the penis, which can result in erectile dysfunction. Something similar happens with sugars, which narrow the walls of veins and arteries, also making erection difficult. Not to mention the risk of developing diabetes, which also affects circulation and nerves.


There are several addictions that can affect male sexual health, such as drugs, alcohol and smoking. Excessive smoking can generate circulatory, cardiac and neurological problems, leading to sexual dysfunctions. Already alcohol affects motor coordination and decreases libido.

Now, different types of drugs can lead to impotence and serious brain problems, which directly affect health as a whole, including sexual health. Another type of addiction is video games, as it can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and the consequences mentioned above.

And your habits, how are they?

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Male Sexual Health

3 Things About Male Sexual Health You Need To Know

Having sexual problems is something that can happen to any man. However, if a man often finds it difficult to have an erection and repeatedly has premature ejaculation, he needs to see a sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The theme is complex and in India a real taboo for many men, but with the proper treatment it is possible to resume a pleasurable sex life. Check out some important information!

1: Anxiety does not help in bed

Anxiety can directly affect your performance in bed. When there is an excess of nervousness and a great expectation or fear before the sexual act, there is a great release of stress hormones. The body thus receives an adrenaline rush, which makes it difficult for the penile muscle to relax and the blood to enter which causes an erection, causing the dreaded erectile dysfunction.

The more stressed the man is, the greater the chances of failure in the sexual act. Only 10% of cases of erectile dysfunction have organic causes, related to the penis, testicles or imbalances of hormones such as testosterone. The other 90% are caused by stress. So let go of your nervousness to enjoy the moment even more.

2: Premature ejaculation is curable

When a man has no control over ejaculation, occurring before what he would like (before or at the time of penetration, for example) it can be said that he has premature ejaculation. This condition affects about 30% of the male population.

However, the cause is usually psychological and the patient has a good chance of resolving the problem quickly. There are more complex cases, where unusual hormone levels, thyroid disorders, infections, and genetic factors are the cause. Fortunately, these cases are in the minority.

3: Erection problems happen at any stage of life

Contrary to what many believe, it is young people who have more erection problems. However, from the age of 40 the chances of mature men increase. The reasons can be psychogenic or organic factors.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and other causes can affect the body’s peripheral nerves, which compromises the brain’s ability to send commands to the penile region. For this reason, one way of taking care of sexual health is to maintain a balanced diet and avoid excessive alcohol consumption, in addition to regular physical activity.

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