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Where To Treat Premature Ejaculation

First of all, you need to know what exactly premature ejaculation is. It is a condition in men characterized by a lack of control over ejaculation, which makes full sexual intercourse impossible.


There are multiple variables of premature ejaculation but now we show you where you can know exactly what your problem is and how you should solve it.

If you are wondering where can I get best premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi?  Dr. P K Gupta’s Super Specialty Clinic puts at your service the best sexologist in Delhi with a large number of years of experience who will be able to solve all your doubts through practical cases that will combine your doubts and his experience to reach a result becoming.

You have endless possibilities for your consultations to be quick and effective, but if you wish you can make the consultation in the comfort of your home and treat premature ejaculation online, through videoconference, indicating the date and time you want, you will receive a diagnosis without having to go to the sexologist clinic in Delhi, except for specific exceptions.

Dare to put an end to it, without fear, without questions, without feeling ashamed for a condition that affects 42% of men, feel supported by a clinic and by the best doctor in this type of issue. Dr. P K Gupta’s Clinic is at your disposal to support you, and of course, make your day-to-day easier.

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How Stress Affects Our Sex Lives

How Stress Affects Our Sex Lives

In some situations of our daily or work life we ​​are subjected to moments of stress that can lead to situations that prevent us from enjoying our sexuality. In order to face it, it is very important to know how to identify these states both individually and in relation to our sexual partner.

There are many daily situations in which we have problems in our minds such as worrying about work, housework, caring for the family or the financial situation, to give a few examples. The stress that these daily worries can cause can lead to various disorders, even some that derive in the sexual area.

The effects that stress can have on sexuality are similar to those it can have on other disorders or aspects of life. In most situations we are able to detect them ourselves. On the other hand, in the inhibition of sexual desire it is more frequent that we realize the problem too late, when the libido has dropped to very low levels.

As described by best sexologist in Delhi, some of these problems are due to the fact that in recent years there have been changes derived from the Internet and information management. In any case, he also remembers that stressful situations have always existed throughout the history of humanity, although they have manifested themselves in other ways.

The sexologist in Delhi affirms that the current social organization tends to reward people who present stressful behaviors, such as those who are able to assume more responsibilities at work. In other words, the people most valued for their professional skills may be the most sensitive to showing symptoms of stress and consequently, their sexual life being affected.


In stressful situations and in general under any psychological problem, the pressure to which we are subjected affects our brain and therefore can cause problems for other functions of the body, leading to the impossibility of maintaining an erection. Sexologists indicate that increased cortisol causes a decrease in the levels of some hormones such as testosterone, the main male sex hormone. The consequence of this is usually a decrease in sexual desire.

There are some behaviors that can help us prevent these situations that will also improve other aspects of our life, in addition to sexuality. For example, we can periodically search for spaces or activities that allow us to completely disconnect from our obligations such as playing sports, or enjoying our hobbies. In this way we will get to the moment of sexual encounter with the most relaxed mind. In the case of living with our sexual partner, this can be done jointly, for example by sharing household chores. In any case, we must try to know ourselves and find time to put our pleasure ahead of our obligations.

If, despite everything, this emotional balance cannot be reached and this affects sexuality, it is necessary to go to a professional to diagnose the problem and establish an appropriate treatment. At sexologist clinic in Delhi we have a highly qualified medical team that will help you resolve the situation.

Male Sexual Health

3 Things About Male Sexual Health You Need To Know

Having sexual problems is something that can happen to any man. However, if a man often finds it difficult to have an erection and repeatedly has premature ejaculation, he needs to see a sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The theme is complex and in India a real taboo for many men, but with the proper treatment it is possible to resume a pleasurable sex life. Check out some important information!

1: Anxiety does not help in bed

Anxiety can directly affect your performance in bed. When there is an excess of nervousness and a great expectation or fear before the sexual act, there is a great release of stress hormones. The body thus receives an adrenaline rush, which makes it difficult for the penile muscle to relax and the blood to enter which causes an erection, causing the dreaded erectile dysfunction.

The more stressed the man is, the greater the chances of failure in the sexual act. Only 10% of cases of erectile dysfunction have organic causes, related to the penis, testicles or imbalances of hormones such as testosterone. The other 90% are caused by stress. So let go of your nervousness to enjoy the moment even more.

2: Premature ejaculation is curable

When a man has no control over ejaculation, occurring before what he would like (before or at the time of penetration, for example) it can be said that he has premature ejaculation. This condition affects about 30% of the male population.

However, the cause is usually psychological and the patient has a good chance of resolving the problem quickly. There are more complex cases, where unusual hormone levels, thyroid disorders, infections, and genetic factors are the cause. Fortunately, these cases are in the minority.

3: Erection problems happen at any stage of life

Contrary to what many believe, it is young people who have more erection problems. However, from the age of 40 the chances of mature men increase. The reasons can be psychogenic or organic factors.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and other causes can affect the body’s peripheral nerves, which compromises the brain’s ability to send commands to the penile region. For this reason, one way of taking care of sexual health is to maintain a balanced diet and avoid excessive alcohol consumption, in addition to regular physical activity.

In case of doubts or need for advice regarding your sexual health, make an appointment at Dr. P K Gupta Sexologist Clinic in Delhi. Our clinical staff is specialized and ready to help you. The matter is complex and will not be resolved automatically.